Write-up of the findings of your research into a final

Assignment Detail:- PUBH6012 Capstone B - Applied Research Project in Public Health Learning Outcome 1: Integrate and apply their knowledge and skills in public health Learning Outcome 2: Apply research skills to a public health issue Learning Outcome 3: Analyse the results of data collected from research, taking into consideration prior evidence and theory Learning Outcome 4: Understand the ethical implications for conducting a piece of public health research Learning Outcome 5: Create a final research report Question 1: what is the impact of quality of life after lung cancer treatment- Instructions: Part 1:Based on the feedback from your Capstone A Research Proposal, revise your research plan and GANTT chart- Part 2:The final assignment for this subject will be the write-up of the findings of your research into a final report- This will be comprised of the following parts:1- Abstracta- Summary of your report -as you would find in a published research article-2- Introductiona- Introduction to and justification of the topic area, drawing upon your literature review -from Capstone A-, and including the knowledge gap your project addressesb- Your research question3- Research design and methodsa- Summarise your research design/methods -from Capstone A- - what type of project did you do????b- How did you collect the data -ie search strategy and process/ policy consultation process-???? If a policy consultation, explain how any organizations/individuals that you consulted with were approachedc- How did you analyse the data -ie thematic analysis, systematic review process, consultation synthesis-????d- Briefly explain the ethical issues that should be considered4- Resultsa- Report the results of your findings, e-g- key themes if a qualitative study, results in table format if a quantitative studyb- Clearly explain key figures, tables and graphs5- Discussion: Interpretation and contextualisation of your resultsa- Place your results in the context of your literature reviewb- Contextualise the results within the academic literaturec- Describe any limitations of your study6- Conclusiona- Conclusions from this studyb- Recommendations for future research or policy change based on feasible solutions7- Supplementary materiala- Reference Listb- Any appendices Assessment Criteria: • Revised and approved project plan and GANTT chart • Clear executive summary/abstract which condenses the findings of the report• Clear justification and outline of the significance of the topic• Justification of the research design and methods, including ethical considerations • Clear presentation of results, with transparency of findings• Comprehensive discussion of the results within the context of previous studies/theory, and identification of the limitations of the study, with recommendations for future research • Conclusion with logical recommendations related to the findings and wider literature • General assessment criteria • Provides a lucid introduction• Shows a sophisticated understanding of the key issues• Shows ability to interpret relevant information and literature in relation to chosen topic• Demonstrates a capacity to explain and apply relevant concepts• Shows evidence of reading beyond the required readings• Justifies any conclusions reached with well-formed arguments and not merely assertions• Provides a conclusion or summary• Correctly uses academic writing, presentation and grammar:• Complies with academic standards of legibility, referencing and bibliographical details -including reference list-• Writes clearly, with accurate spelling and grammar as well as proper sentence and paragraph construction• Uses appropriate APA style for citing and referencing researchDatabases for the review -Cinahl, Medline-- Kindly use the suggested search strategy: 1- lung cancer or lung neoplasms or lung tumor or lung adenocarcinoma 2- quality of life or well being or well-being or health-related quality of life 3- treatment or intervention or therapy or management 4- effects or impact or consequences or influence or outcomes Attachment:- Applied Research Project in Public Health-rar

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