Write an investigatory business report identifying problems

Assignment Detail:- UMAD47-15-M Managing Finance - University of the West of England Bristol Assessment Instructions Choose from one of the two options- Option A- You are required to write an investigatory business report identifying problems and/or recommending solutions for improvement in the management of profitability, liquidity and/or efficiency of a public listed company -PLC-- This will be carried out by using Ratio Analysis on the latest data available in the published financial statements for the business for 2019-2021 -3 years-- The report should be predominately analytical rather than descriptive- Please note that;• Absence of data for 2021 will lead to a failure in this assignment-• You should use the ratios which were taught in this module-• Please read the marking guidelines carefully which give a good indication on the possible contents and structure for this report-• Marks & Spencer Plc is a case study for our class discussion- Students are not allowed to choose this company- Using Marks & Spencer data for the analysis will lead toa failure in the coursework- Option B- This option is available to students who would like to start a business in the future- It gives you an opportunity to put that idea in words and numbers, research on related matters e-g- demand and need for the idea, industry growth, marketing etc- and how you would start the business by taking into account the capital required and how it would be invested- The business plan must include; • Financial assumptions - expected inflows -sales - and outflows -expenses- giving a detailed breakdown of these items-• Monthly cash flow budget for first year of operation,• Budgeted Income Statement• Budgeted Balance Sheet for the first year and• Financial Ratios and Key Performance indicators of this future business- The report -option A or B- should be written in a professional manner using tables and graphs with clear sections and headings- This is an individual piece of work- You should also follow the guidance given in the class-This assessment aligns with the following learning outcomes for this module- • Critically analyse financial statements and make appropriate recommendations-• Apply data analysis to complex, incomplete or contradictory information and communicate the outcome effectively-• Incorporate detailed financial planning and budgeting aspects into a coherent business plan- Attachment:- Managing Finance-rar

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