Write about three superstitions in your country - Write

Assignment Detail:- Unit - Sporting Superstitions/ Love at Exit Ex-1 Highlight the correct answers1- My mother _________ cook on Sundays- a- used tob- is used to 2- Didn't you use to _____ ???? a- swimb- swimming 3- I didn't use to _____ this much TV- a- watchb- watching 4- You will ________ noisy children soon- a- used tob- be used to 5- Allison used to _____ my best friend- a- beb- being 6- I used to _____ a glass of red wine every day- a- drinkingb- drink 7- I was used to _____ sunshine in Hawaii- a- seeingb- see 8- Are you used to _____ spicy food???? a- eatb- eating 9- My brother is used to ________ early for school- a- get upb- getting up 10- Did you _____ to eat meat???? a- useb- used Ex-2 Match the sports equipment with the sport- You can write the alphabets from column B next to question in column A- Column A1- Racket :2- Pool :3- Skis :4- Helmet :5- Skates :6- Shuttlecock :7- Ski Poles :8- Bat :9- Puck :10- Bicycle :11- Net :12- Stick :13- Swimsuit :14- Ball :15- Glove :Column Ba- Tennis -3-b- Swimming -2-c- Baseball -3-d- Badminton -3-e- Soccer -2-f- Skiing -2-g- Cycling -2-h- Hockey -4- Ex- 3 Write a meaning for each phrase/noun/adjective-1- Cross your fingers-2- Four-leaved clover3- Superstition4- Superstitious5- Touch wood Ex-4 Listening ComprehensionClick on the attached link & watch the video, Strange Athlete SuperstitionsWrite down the name of 5 celebrities and their superstitions-1-2-3-4-5- Ex-5 Writing AssignmentWriting guideline: Write about 3 superstitions in your country- • Superstition 1: • Superstition 2: • Superstition 3: Attachment:- Sporting Superstitions-rar

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