Write about an experience of doing an internship for make a

Assignment Detail:- Question: Need a 5 min script for doing an internship for make a wish organisation foundation Australia- In the script the expert need to write about an experience of doing an internship for make a wish organisation- Our internship was to collect donations for make a wish organisation, so we organised an event of bake sale to collect donations- So based on this the expert need to write the experience of doing an internship- The expert need to read the bellow information of how to write an scrip of 5 minute video- You are required to produce a 3-5 minute video CV that presents a critical reflection about your experience, and your developing personal and professional identity- You must include your personal value statement- Aim to create an engaging video that promotes your personal and professional skills to a future employer! It can be used after you graduate when applying for professional positions, or on your LinkedIn profile to let your professional network know a little about you- Use the Griffith Graduate Attributes as your guide and be as creative as you wish! Remember this will present your professional identity, so consider how you want to present yourself and what you want to say, but at the same time, don''t worry if this is not recorded at a professional standard- You can use it as a test run for a more polished version once you graduate- Tell us how your Internship experience has transformed you, developed your professional goals and prepared you to make an impact in the community- Aim to express who you perceive yourself to be at the end of the internship and how you intend to operate in your professional career, post graduation- There should be specific examples from the internship work of the development and growth of personal and professional skills you might rely on in an interview with a potential employer-

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