Write a short self-reflective piece where they will reflect

Assignment Detail:- Self - Reflection writing RationaleSelf-assessment is here understood as the ability of a health professional to reflect on their own strengths and weaknesses in order to identify learning needs, review performance, and learn from errors and shortcomings to become a more effective, efficient, ethical and caring professional- This assignment intends to help students initiate the journey of constant self-reflective practice that leads to continuous personal development and professional improvement- PartStudents will write a short self-reflective piece where they will reflect on an incident/experience that happened either during their studies -Masters or undergraduate degree in Health service Management- or in their workplace as a Health service Administrative Officer or as a Assistant Manager and that had an impact on them- Preferably, this incident/experience would have occurred in the past 2 years -i-e- during the time period you were enrolled in the Master's program or while working as Administrative Officer-- Students must use the 5Rs Reflection Model-Reporting, Responding, Relating, Reasoning, and Reconstructing- and are required to engage with the academic literature to address the 5Rs requirement of reasoning and reconstruction- In their reflection of the incident/experience students need to reflect on their values and on the learnings from their postgraduate journey that may help 'make sense' of this particular incident/experience- The reflection needs to also discuss how Bourdieu's concept of social capital, habitus and field can help you develop your professional practice- APA style Attachment:- Professional Project in Health Assessment-rar

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