Write a reflection on how your learning have met the

Assignment Detail:- NURS1008 Tweet a Summary - Reflection Write a reflection on how your learning have met the learning objectives of NURS1008- Use 8 of your best Tweets as illustrations and evidence- Choose only three topics- 1- Cultural safety regarding aboriginal people 2- Colsing the gap, what can we do to close the gap between indigenous and non indigenous people health- 3- Uluru statement from heart- 1- Free-write - After you have finished reading, class, doing online activities in FLO; free-write about the material until you come up with a concise summary of some aspect of what you read that will fit into a Twitter post -a Twitter post allows for 180 characters, including the hashtag and its name-- 2- Post - Post your summary to Twitter, making sure to include the hashtag for our class- 3- Read and Reply - Read over other students' posts to see what they chose to emphasize- Respond to at least two student posts with compliments, questions, or concerns about their summary- Include brief but specific reasons for your comments and avoid general responses, such as "great summary!" Discuss what made the summary work or ask a clear question about it- Each topic 500 words- Reference style APA 7-

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