Write a program that demonstrates how various exceptions

Assignment Detail:- COIT20256 Data Structures and Algorithms - Central Queensland University Workshop Activity Create an application to store the contact details- A Contact should contain first name, last name, email, and phone number -others can be added-- The first names of Contacts should be displayed in a listview- When the user selects a name from the listview, the contact details should be displayed in a grid of TextFields or a Table- As the information is modified -a Contact's Data is updated, a new Contact is added or an existing Contact is deleted-, the contacts listview should display the updated list of names- Note: You use the solution available for Week 4 Tutorial Question Five- Include exception handling for TextFields for entering first name, last name and phone number so that names will not contain any numbers, phone number should not contain any alphabets- Wrtie a Java program to save the contacts created to binary file named phone-dat using ObjectOutPutStream and read and display the data from the file- 1- If no exceptions are thrown in a try block, where does control proceed to, when the try block completes execution???? 2- Write a program that demonstrates how various exceptions are caught with catch -Exception exception- Define classes ExceptionA -which inherits from class Exception- and ExceptionB -which inherits from class ExceptionA-- In your program, create try blocks that throw exceptions of types ExceptionA, ExceptionB, NullPointerException and IOException- All exceptions should be caught with catch blocks specifying type Exception- 3- Write a Java program with a GUI- The program reads data from an existing data file named staffphone-csv and displays all data on the text area properly after the button "Display" is pressed- The data in the file staffphone-csv have the following formatJohn Pearson, 49308877Peter London, 49446701Amy Andersen, 45009923In addition, the program also displays total number of the phone entry on the text area- Attachment:- Data Structures and Algorithms-rar

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