Write a plan advising the NSW Parliament of the possible

Assignment Detail:- Assessment: Case study plan Your task: Use the required readings in the unit to help you understand the context of the amendment- Engage in your own further preliminary research and write a 250-word plan -±10% leniency- advising the NSW Parliament of the possible impacts on the criminal justice system of the chosen amendment for offenders in NSW- Your submission should include: 1- A concise history of the legislation & why it is being reviewed for amendment together with your identified stakeholder and their position regarding the proposed amendment -125 words- 2- One possible impact on the criminal justice system of the chosen amendment for offenders in NSW -125 words- that you will use as an argument in your major assessment, and 3- Use one peer-reviewed source to support your preliminary discussion- Overview As part of this assessment, you are asked to imagine that the NSW Parliament is seeking submissions from relevant stakeholders in criminal justice -choose from: NSW Police, NSW Corrections Services, NSW Council for Civil Liberties, NSW Youth Justice, NSW Youth Action, RSCPA, or negotiate with your teacher- in relation to an issue of public concern- You will be required to choose to represent ONE -1- stakeholder in criminal justice when making your submission to the following proposed amendment- Remove police powers pertaining to using drug detection dogs at music festivals under Section 148 of the Law Enforcement -Powers and Responsibilities- Act 2002 -NSW- The purpose of the case study plan is to guide students through the process of researching for and summarising material that is required as part of the final analysis report preparation process- Below are example stakeholders for Assessment 3-The stakeholders below can be argued for both opposition or in support of the amendment- The list below aims to provide you with example stakeholders & where they may sit in regards to this proposed amendment- Remember that you must be able to substantiate with evidence all your arguments-Stakeholder in support of amendment• RSCPA• NSW Council for Civil Liberties• AIDS Council of NSW• NSW Ombudsman• Redfern Legal Centre• NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research• National Drug & Alcohol Research Centre -NDARC-• NSW Health Department• Privacy NSW• The Shopfront Youth Legal Centre• The Youth Justice Coalition• Legal Aid NSW• Festival attendee• NSW Council of Social ServiceStakeholder in opposition of amendment• NSW Police• NSW Corrective Services• NSW Juvenile Justice• Attorney General's Department of NSW• NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics & Research• NSW Commission for Children and Young People• Police Association of New South Wales• Law Enforcement Conduct Commssion• Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions -DPP- Below are a number of academic sources for your review- You are encouraged to use these readings for your assessment 3, but note that you are required to have at least 5 academic sources in total-- theses pdf are sent separately- Attachment:- Case study plan-rar

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