Write a cloud computing introduction plan and Create a

Assignment Detail:- BSBSMB412 Introduce cloud computing into business operations Assessment Part: Cloud computing introduction Part summaryHaving received approval for the company to move to cloud computing, you are required to write a plan for the introduction of the new technology- You will also be required to create a training presentation and then give that presentation to colleagues- Complete the following activities: Question 1- Write a cloud computing introduction plan-Assume that Sally has accepted the cloud computing option that you recommended in your report- You are now required to write a plan for introducing the option into Accounting Incorporated- Your plan should be about one-page long- Your plan should include the following:• A prioritised list of the project's short-term and longer-term goals• A budget for introducing your preferred option to the company- Describe how you prepared the budget- Calculate all workers' -including Sally- time as $50 per hour-• Outline the steps and activities required to introduce cloud computing into the business- Save this document as Introduction Plan- Question 2- Create a cloud computing presentation-You will be introducing your recommended cloud computing option to Sally's team, so make sure that you explain everything carefully so that they all understand what is expected of them regardless of their level of computer literacy- Your presentation should last for about 20 minutes- Your presentation should be created in PowerPoint or another presentation program that can be viewed by you assessor- Your presentation should include the following:• The fundamentals of cloud computing, including key terms and concepts-• Key features of your cloud computing introduction plan• Key features of the cloud computing program that you have recommended-• How to become more efficient at using cloud computing• Where they can get more information or assistance on using the program- Ensure that your presentation is as interesting and educational as possible by using images, diagrams or short videos that help explain your points- Question 3- Send an email to Sally -your assessor--Although Sally's desk is next to yours, you are required to send the reports that you have written to Sally as email attachments, so she can read -and ponder- them in her own time and discuss them with her colleagues- The text of the email should be in grammatically correct English, written in an appropriate -polite, business-like- style-It should introduce and summarise the contents of the attachments and ask them for the place, date and time of your presentation- Your assessor and two of you colleagues will be attending your presentation- Attach your cloud computing introduction plan and cloud computing presentation to the email- Question 4- Conduct your cloud computing presentation-Give your presentation to your colleagues at the time given to you by your assessor- Begin by introducing yourself and the reason for the training session- Tell the participants that they can ask questions during your presentation or wait until you have finished- Give the presentation, ensuring that all of your points are understood by all of the participants- During the presentation, you are required to demonstrate effective communication skills including:• Speaking clearly and concisely• Using non-verbal communication to assist with understanding• Asking questions to identify required information• Responding to questions as required• Using active listening techniques to confirm understanding

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