Write a business report on Telemedicine - Make a business

Topic: Telemedicine

Write a business report on Telemedicine

It is a 2500 word business report

Make a business report on tele-medicine because there is lot of material on internet regarding telemedicine.

Check the proper pattern of phase 2 business report

Write proper references and citrations

Topic should be on telemedicine.

Structuring your business report

A business report may contain:

• a covering letter or memorandum

• a title page

• an executive summary

• a table of contents

• an introduction

• conclusions

• recommendations

• findings and discussion

• a list of references

• appendices.

Phase Two Report: 2500 words

Phase 2: The Final Report: Based on the Background write-up provided in Phase 1, the Final Report will provide the detailed analysis for implementing, designing and developing the chosen technology solution in the chosen topic and utilising theory and lessons throughout the unit to provide a compelling justification for the adoption of the chosen technology solution.

Phase Two Guide

Executive summary

Background of the study including Problem description


  • How technology will resolve identified issues/problems
  • Any barriers/facilitators/ complexities.
  • Also, it is recommended but not compulsory to use analysis tools presented during the class to assist and guide your analysis.


  • Implication for theory/ practice and policy/management.
  • Applications generalisability for all relevant stake holders.

Conclusions including Lessons learnt, inferences and recommendations arising from the analysis of your topic.

Evidence from literature and readings that are properly referenced in support of your analysis.Phase Two Example Outline: TITLE PAGE report title
Your name Submission date

(This should be no more than 100 words and serves to summarise the planned project. (5 marks)
Overview of subject matter Methods of analysis Findings Recommendations

List of numbered sections in report and their page numbers

Terms of reference

Outline of report's structure

This section includes information on method of data collection (if applicable).

This section should include analysis of the chosen topic e.g. using one of the approaches to case studies explained in lecture one: e.g. SWOT, Value Chain, Fishbone, Porter Five Forces, Leavitt, PESTEL or combination) or some other analysis approach if that was agreed in your Phase One document.
This section should also include discussion of options (if any) expressed in business language with appropriate referencing.
Include headings and sub-headings which reflect the contents of each section:
Background and Aims Methodology
Results / Findings Analysis / Discussion

States the major inferences that can be drawn from the discussion and recommendations from the analysis of your topic

List of reference material consulted during research for report. You need to provide references in support of your recommendations for all citations from other used sources. Also, a strong link to the lecture course material and learnings from the presented case studies is expected.

Information that supports your analysis but is not essential to its explanation

Attachment:- Assignment.rar


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