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Assignment Detail:- PSYCHOLOGY Assessment - Critical Analysis Assessment comprises two -2- tasks: 1- a review of a journal article based on given questions; and 2- a written summary, critical evaluationand synthesis of three journal articles that discuss a similar theme- This assignment is designed to help you understand how to read, summarise and critically evaluate journal articles- Critical evaluation is an important skill required for understanding scientific psychological evidence and developing scientific arguments- You would also need to continuously demonstrate this skill in the different courses in your study program- In the workplace, you would regularly be expected to critically read, review and evaluate different types of documents- Assessment 2: Written summary and critical evaluation of three -3- journal articles The second part of this assessment task tests your ability to effectively summarise and critically evaluate three -3- journal articles -see below- on a similar theme/topic- Your summary should effectively conclude by drawing on the effect of sleep on eating behaviour based on your critical evaluation of the research presented in the articles- The articles you need to summarise are listed below and can be downloaded from the assessment tab on the Learnonline site- Please note that the referencing here is not correct as you are required provide a reference list as part of this assignment- First, read the articles below individually and use the questions provided in the table below to help you summarise each article- Then, synthesise your findings of the three articles- Finally, write one cohesive and coherent summary and evaluation discussing your findings- You will only need to submit the final summary for grades- Articles:• The Association of Sleep Duration with Adolescents' Fat and Carbohydrate Consumption- Weiss et al--2010-**please note this is the same article you reviewed in assignment 2-1***• Acute Changes in Sleep Duration on Eating Behaviours and Appetite-Regulating Hormones in Overweight/Obese Adults- Hart et al- -2015-• Effects of Experimental Sleep Restriction on Caloric Intake and Activity Energy Expenditure-Calvin et al- -2013- Introduction:Write a brief introduction to your review -just a couple of sentences will suffice- Body: In the body section:o briefly state the main message of the three articles and the aim of the studies;o write a summary synthesising your findings from the three articles based on the questions highlighted in the ‘introduction, methods, results and critique' sections of the table; ando ensure that your discussion is a summary and synthesis of the three articles and not just answers to the questions about each article, separately- Conclusion: In the conclusion section bring the summary together by addressing the following questions based on your evaluation of the three articles -you can refer to the conclusion/discussion section of the journal articles to help you with this-:• What are the implications of this research????• What are the recommendations for future research???? Draw a conclusion on the effect of sleep duration on eating behaviour based on an evaluation of the research- Attachment:- Critical Analysis Instructions-rar
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