Why would an organisation use an EBA rather than paying

Assignment Detail:- Assessment task: Worksheets Question 1- Go to identify the award provisions for:a- Leave including shift workersb- mandated breaks between shiftsc- maximum allowed shift hoursd- standard, overtime and penalty pay rates Question 2- You employ 3 chefs- John is casual, Jack is part-time and Chenelle is employed full time- They all arrive for the morning shift- After 1 hour a storm hits the restaurant and the power goes off- The manager informs staff that they shall clean up and leave as power will be off at least for 2 days- After 1-5 hours all staff leave- What is their pay entitlement for that day???? Question 3: Henry is a casual employee and worked the following hours last week: Monday 07:00to 12:00, Wednesday 12:00 to 16:00 and Saturday 13:00 to 17:00- What total hoursdid Henry work???? Question 4: Why would an organisation use an EBA rather than paying under a relevant industry award???? Explain and provide two examples- Question 5- What are the requirements for time and wage records???? How long must these records be kept???? Question 6- What is the importance of rosters for efficiency in an organization and how can a roster be used to control staff costs???? Question 7- Provide 3 examples for benefits for using a social and cultural skill mix in the hospitality industry: Question 8- Provide 3 examples for different religious and cultural beliefs of staff commonly working in the TH&E industry and how these religions potentially need to be accommodated for when preparing rosters: Question 9: List two sources of information you could access to find out more about awards and other industrial provisions-

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