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Assignment Detail:- Mid-Point Unit Review Overview You have now completed 6 weeks of learning in SIT111, and hence are at the ‘mid point' of the trimester! In this task, you are required to fill a unit review to tell us what you learnt and how you learnt it- Your tutor will then review your submission and will give you feedback- If your submission is incom- plete they will ask you to include missing parts- They can also ask follow-up questions, either to clarify something, or to double check your understanding of certain concepts- Part requirementsa- Review class materials on Cloud Deakin from weeks 1-6 -inclusive-b- Complete the weekly self-assessment quizzes in weeks 1-6 -inclusive- with scores>=85%- You can take the quizzes any number of times- The quiz due dates will not impact your grade, as long as you have completed the quizzes by the time of this task submission-c- Read the task instructionsPart InstructionsLearning Overview 1- Write a Learning Overview: Provide your understanding of the weekly topics from weeks 1-6 in a document- Document format should be as follows:- Times New Roman font, size 12 pt- Do not include hand-written answers-- Use standard page margins of 2-54 cm at top, bottom, right and left - should not exceed 3 pages- Go for quality over quantity and keep it clear and to the point- We are not looking for long essays- 2- In your overview, you need to include Reflections on each week, where you reflect on the learning materials from weeks 1-6- Include the following:a- What is the most important thing you learnt in a given week/topic????b- How does this relate to what you already know????c- Why do you think your course team wants you to learn this???? 3- Convert to PDF and name it ‘your-name-midpoint-learning-overview-pdf'Evidence of self-assessment, with a sufficient score -at least 85%-- 1- Please include evidence that you reached the minimum required score in each self- assessment weekly quiz from week 1-6 self-assessment- 2- On the submissions page of each quiz, please take a screenshot of your highest attempt, with your name clearly visible at the top right- See below image as an example- 3- You will need to do this for all 6 quizzes- You can then include these 6 screenshots in a document as your evidence- Convert to PDF and name it ‘your-name-midpoint-evidence-pdf'

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