Why do you think you would make a good candidate for a

Assignment Detail:- VACCA Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency- Children and families, family violence Part 1 Question 1- Why do you think you would make a good candidate for a Student Placement???? -100 WORDS- Question 2- What do you hope to gain from doing a placement with VACCA????-100 WORDS- Question 3- Our vision at VACCA is ‘Aboriginal self determination- Live, Experience and Be'- What does this mean to you???? -100 WORDS- Question 4- What is your involvement with, or interest in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander????100 WORDS Part 2 Question 1- How do the values, mission and vision of the organisation -VACCA- relate to your own personal values and interests???? -70 WORDS- Question 2- Describe the knowledge you would like to gain from your placement at this organisation- -Approx 25 words- Question 3- Describe the attitude you would like to explore whilst on placement at this organisation- -25 WORDS- Personal development is an important part of any placement experience and this objective focuses on this- It is here that you consider your personal biases, judgements and the like and think about how you might reflect upon these through your placement experience

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