Who would you distribute the minutes to? How would you

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part: Case Study o Activity 1: You are required to answer all eight -8- case study questionso Activity 2: You are required to develop the following documents:- Meeting Plan- Meeting Set-up Preparation Action Plan- Meeting Agendao Activity 3: You are required to invite meeting attendees via EmailYou will have five -5- hours to complete this assessment, which may be undertaken in more than one session- Case Study - Background InformationYou are employed by Grow Management Consultants -GMC-, based in Melbourne-The company's meeting policy requires the following:1- Meeting Agenda and supporting documentation should be distributed to all attendees, two -2- weeks prior to commencement of meeting via email-2- All formal meetings to be recorded in the form a Meeting Minutes-3- Chair must ask meeting attendees to declare any potential conflicts of interest at the commencement of the meeting and ensure no conflicts of interest apply prior to proceeding with the meeting-4- Meeting Minutes are to be stored in the meeting minute's folder for audit and future reference-5- Meeting minutes should be signed by the chair and distributed within one -1- week of the meeting and distributed to all Attendees via email-6- The CEO requires the meeting organiser to report meeting outcome in the form of an action list within 10 working days-GMC, has its Strategic Planning Meeting coming up with the Board of Directors, and you have been given the task to organise and this meeting- Meeting information is as followed:Meeting DetailsMeeting type: Strategic Planning MeetingDepartment: GovernanceAttendees: Board of Directors -total of six -6- directors-Chairman: CEOGuest Speaker: Terry White -strategic planning specialist-Date: Tuesday 24th November 20XXTime: 9:30am - 4:00pmBudget: $2,000-00Pre-reading documentation: HR Strategic Business Plan & HR Operational Plan Additional InformationAll six -6- directors all hold voting rights according to the company constitution- A quorum of four -4- or more is required to pass any decisions/ resolutions-Director meeting are usually held in the boardroom at the company's offices but this room is unavailable and alternative arrangement will need to be make-One -1- of the directors will be coming from interstate to attend in person, whilst two -2- will participate via teleconference- It is company policy to give a minimum notification of two -2- weeks for all director meetings-As the meeting organiser you have access to the directors' electronic diary, to confirm individual availability-The guest speaker would like to show a video via his laptop which will need to be projected onto a central screen and talk on emerging technological changes-Morning tea -30 mins- and lunch -60 mins- will be catered for on the premises-In the afternoon, following lunch the attendees will divide into 3 groups to develop ideas and consider their strategic needs for the upcoming year-The next meeting will be on the 15th January, which will be back in the board room for a regular board meeting 2:00pm - 4:00pm- Activity 1Complete the following Case Study Questions Question 1Identify and list below the meeting participants for the meeting in the case study- Question 2Confirm meeting arrangements, by outlining what you need to do for each tasks based on the case study meeting requirements: Booking an appropriate venueDeciding on process for recording of meetingIdentifying any specific needs of participantsOrganising accommodation and transportOrganising appropriate communication technologyCatering requirementsTimeframe for meeting attendees to receive relevant documentationScheduling date and time for the meeting Question 3Based on the information from the case study, where are you required to store the meeting minutes- Question 4Based on the information from the case study, who would you distribute the minutes to???? How would you distribute them???? And in what timeframe would you distribute them- Question 5Based on the information from the case study, how would you report outcome of the meeting and to whom would you report- Question 6Based on the information from the case study, in what timeframe would you would you report meeting outcomes- Question 7Describe the following meeting requirements and how they might apply in the case study -60-80 words- Question 8Outline below a draft meeting budget ensuring you don't exceed the maximum budget of $2,000-00 Activity 2Prepare three -3- Meeting DocumentsFor this task you are required to use the provided templates and case study background information to develop the following documents:• Meeting Plan• Meeting Set-up Preparation Action Plan• Meeting AgendaDevelop/ Completethe following three -3- documents to ensure that all the preparations for the meeting will be correctly organised and the purpose of the meeting is clear- Activity 3Invite Meeting Attendees -Via Email-You have managed to book an ideal meeting room, which is fully catered within budget at: Hotel Lindrum: 26 Flinders Street Melbourne 3000-For this task you are required to notify meeting attendees of the scheduled Strategic Planning meeting in accordance with the organisations procedures as outlined in the Case Study Background- Write an EmailYour assessor will provide you with an email address, so you can submit this assessment activity to your assessor- In this email, you must include each of the following:1- Address email to meeting invitees2- Information about the meeting: Date, time & location3- Attach Meeting Agenda and pre-reading documentation  

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