Who are the main stakeholders involved in this type of

Assignment Detail:- COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis and Design - Central Queensland University Required Parts in This Assignment Assuming that the waterfall model has been chosen for implementing the new system- Also, assuming that some parts of programs have been written/implemented and are ready, whereas some other parts/programs are not yet ready- Complete the following tasks and document your work in your submission: Testing: List and discuss the various types of testing- Identify -and explain why- which types of testing are applicable to the new NQAC- For each applicable type of testing identified in -b- above, discuss in detail the following: When -i-e-, in what phase-s- of the software development life cycle- should this type of testing be conducted???? The procedures for applying this type of testing- The follow-up procedures in testing after checking the testing results- Who are the main stakeholders involved in this type of testing???? As stated in the NQAC business case, the current system is a primitive and manual- On the other hand, the new system should be more sophisticated and should be run on a Web platform- It implies that the new system will need the historical data to be transformed in to new data files and a new database must be created to support the operation of the new system- In view of this requirement, what task/activity must be done to create these data files -or the database-???? How should this task/activity be conducted???? Please note you are not asked to create a data file or data base you only need to describe where how and by whom the new data will be prepared- Because the new system is running on a platform which is different from the existing system, the design of the new system will be largely different from the existing system- In view of this, describe in detail what techniques the project team can implement to help end users familiar with the operation of the new system- For each of these techniques, discuss its advantages and disadvantages-In view of the business operations of NQAC, which system deployment option should be used???? Why???? How to apply this option in NQAC???? -Note: In this task, select the most appropriate option- In other words, you are not allowed to select two or more options-- Layout of Your Report Your report should be organized using the following headings and guidelines: A "Separate" Cover Title PageShould include the word count of your report in this cover page- If the word count of your report falls outside the range "1,500 words" -word count includes all contents except the cover title page and references-, marks may be deducted from your submission- An IntroductionBriefly discuss the overall content of this report- Part 1Discuss in detail all the questions and sub-questions of this task- Part 2Discuss in detail all the questions and sub-questions of this task- Part 3Discuss in detail all the questions and sub-questions of this task- Part 4Discuss in detail all the questions and sub-questions of this task- Note: In Parts 1 to 4 above, you may include figures to illustrate/support your answers, if you think that this is appropriate- SummaryBriefly summarize the content of the whole report- ReferencesThis section should include at least five references with their related in-text citations- Among these five references, at least three should be journal articles or conference papers- All references must be cited using the Harvard Referencing Style- Attachment:- Specification_infromation_system-rar Attachment:- Case_Study_information_system_analysis_and_design-rar  

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