Which Aussie Icon would you like to visit? Write about your

Assignment Detail:- Unit - Spend or Save/Changing Lives Spend or save/Changing lives Ex-1 Complete the sentences below with trip, journey or travel- When I was a child, I hated the long car journey to my grandparents' house- I always felt sick-I won't be here tomorrow- I'm going on a business ____________ I'll be back at the weekend-Flying is the safest way to _______-We're taking a __________ to the beach on Saturday- Do you want to join us????In my job, I need to __________ a lot on business-The ____________ from London to Singapore takes approximately 13 hours- Ex- 2 Read Nick's and Jaynes travel stories and complete the sentences with the correct verbs- NickWhen I was in my early 20s, I decided I wanted to spend a few months abroad-I wanted to become more independent and ______________ new people and ______________ new skills- I suppose I wanted to ______________ myself-Rather than travel, like a lot of my friends, I wanted to ______________ voluntary work-I spent some time in Ghana, as a teaching assistant- My job was to help children learn basic computer skills, such as creating a document or going online- It sounds simple, but I think it was a very worthwhile experience- It really ______________ my horizons-JayneSome people like to go abroad to ______________ different cultures, or ______ ________ new places- To be honest, I went to ______________ away from it all-I like nothing more than sitting on a beach all day doing nothing- I don't want to ______________ a new language- I don't have time-I ______________ other cultures, but I'm just not interested in sightseeing- I just want to relax and switch off- If there is a nice beach and a good hotel, I'm happy- Ex- 3 Match Column A and Column B to form statements and questions Column A  Column B  1-      Anna has                       ------------- 2-      Have you                       ------------ 3-      I've never                      ------------ 4-      Petra went to Tunisia     ------------ 5-      Anna has been               ------------ a-      been to New York, before???? b-      seen the Amazon River, have you???? c-      and Morocco last year- d-     already booked her plane tickets e-      to the Sydney Opera House????   Ex- 4 Read the email and choose the correct tense form: Present perfect or Past simple- Dear Petra,How have you been???? I think the last time we ________________________ -have spoken/spoke- was over two months ago- Anyway, I ________________________ -just returned/have just returned- from a week walking in Morocco- We ________________________ -flew/have flown- to Marrakesh and then ________________________ -have walked/walked- for three days in the Atlas Mountains- ________________________ -I never did/ I've never done- anything so tiring in my life, but it was amazing!The tour leader ________________________ -has taken/took- us to parts of the mountains where tourists don't normally go- The local people even ________________________ -have invited/invited-us into their homes- At the end, the group ________________________ -I have spent/spent- a night in Fez - this is a beautiful town, it has a great market- I ________________________ -didn't spend/haven't spent- too much money there but I ________________________ -bought/have bought- a lot of fruit which was lovely-Anyway, I've already booked another holiday there in the autumn- Would you like to come????Love, Anna- Ex- 5 Travel Writing assignmentWriting guideline: Write approximately 100 words about a trip you went onWrite a short essay about a trip you went on, write about where you went, who you went with, what you saw, what you ate and drank, what you learnt etc, provide as much information you can- Unit - Music Icons Ex-1 Highlight the correct answers1- He's still sleeping, ________ a- is not he???? b- isn't he???? c- wasn't he???? 2- You do go to school, ________ a- do you???? b- aren't you???? c- don't you???? 3- Let's go for a walk, ________ a- shall we???? b- shan't we???? c- will we???? 4- We won't be late, ________ a- won't we???? b- will we???? c- are we???? 5- Nobody called, ________ a- do they???? b- didn't they???? c- did they???? 6- They will wash the car, ________ a- will it???? b- won't they???? c- wouldn't they???? 7- We must lock the doors, ________ a- mustn't they???? b- shouldn't we???? c- mustn't we???? 8- I'm right, ________ a- amn't I???? b- am not I???? c- aren't I???? 9- So you bought a car, ________ a- did you???? b- haven't you???? c- weren't you???? 10- You wouldn't like to invite my Dad, ________ a- did you???? b- would you???? c- won't you???? Ex-2 Vocabulary exercise Continued Look at this picture of famous Aussie icons! Ex-2 Vocabulary exercise How many famous Aussie Icons can you recognise, Write down as many as you can find- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- Ex-3 Listening ComprehensionClick on the attached link & watch the video, Australia, Our Big Icons Write down 5 Big icons you heard 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- Ex-4 Writing AssignmentWriting guideline: -100-120 words only- Which Aussie Icon would you like to visit???? Write about your reasons why you would like to visit them???? Attachment:- Intermediate Unit Reviews-rar

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