What will you communicate to each team member

Assignment Detail:- BSBPEF501 Manage Personal And Professional Development Section 1: Manage team's personal and professional development1 Describe the organisation you are basing this project on-1-1 What is the name of the organisation????1-2 What does the organisation do????1-3 What are the key functions and activities of the team you will manage the personal and professional development for????1-4 What are the organisational goals or objectives -at least three-????1-5 Attach proof of the documentation showing organisational goals -e-g-, strategic or operational plan-- 2 Document team responsibilities-Note: Use any appropriate format and tool to document the team roles and responsibilities- Keep in mind that this document may be used at a later stage to support your team to develop work goals-2-1 What roles/positions do three of your team members fill????2-2 What are the responsibilities of each of the three team members -name at least two responsibilities per team member-????2-3 What are the performance outcomes linked to each role/position -name at least two per team member-????2-4 Does the team have any diverse needs????2-5 How will you communicate with the team members with the diverse needs????2-6 Attach proof of documented team responsibilities to this section of the portfolio- 3 Identify and summarise organisational framework requirements for personal and professional development-3-1 Do any policies and procedures exist that address work place goals and inform personal and professional development????3-1-1- What is the name of the policy and procedure????3-1-2- What are the performance and professional development requirements outlined in the policies and procedures????3-1-3- Which personal and professional development activities and opportunities are available for staff to access -e-g-, as specified in policies and procedures-????3-1-4- Does the organisation have any templates available for the development of work goals -e-g-, personal development plan-????3-2 Do any other industry best-practice professional development opportunities exist????3-3 Note: Attach proof of policies, procedures, templates etc to this section of your portfolio- 4 Support your team as they develop work goals, plans and activities-Note: you are required to support at least three team members-4-1 Which organisational goals should your team align their personal goals with???? -Choose two--4-2 How will you communicate with each team member -e-g-, email with instructions, face-to-face discussion, team meeting-????4-3 What will you communicate to each team member -e-g-,personal behaviour modification, specific skills you would like them to have, explanation of SMART goals-????4-4 What other support will you provide each team member -e-g-, personal development plan template with responsibilities already added into the plan, skills assessment-???? attach proof of your additional support to this section of your portfolio-4-5 Communicate with each team memberto provide the support- If not already viewed in person by your assessor, attach proof of your communication -e-g-, video of face-to-face discussion with each team member, video of joint team meeting, draft email outlining requirements, recording of telephone discussion etc---Note: Depending on how you chose to communicate to each member, you may have more than one attachment -e-g-, if the same communication applies to all team members, one email with relevant attachments is sufficient-- 5 Complete the table to assess the work goals, plans and activities of each team member- 6 Provide feedback to each team member from your assessment in the previous question-Note: Feedback is personal and should be done separately for each team member- You will attach a separate proof of feedback for each team member-6-1 How will you communicate feedback to each team member -e-g-, review comments on the plan, recording of telephone conversation, video of face-to-face discussion-????6-2 Which interpersonal skills will you use to establish and build positive working relationships with your team????6-3 If not already viewed in person by your assessor, attach proof of your feedback to this section of your portfolio-7 Complete the table to facilitate team members' access to development opportunities-For each team member:7-1 Identify one goal/plan/activity-7-2 State which personal or professional development opportunity -identified in question 3- is most appropriate to help the individual team member realise the goal-7-3 Explain how you will facilitate the professional development opportunity -e-g-, email HR to request training, schedule time for the team member to attend a workshop, approve an invoice for a subscription--7-4 Attach proof of your facilitation to this section of your portfolio-Note: Depending on the professional development opportunity, more than one proof of facilitation may be required -e-g-, if all three team members are to attend the same training, then one email to HR is sufficient--  

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