What were the problems that you faced with this tool -

Assignment Detail:- MIS609 Data Management and Analytics - Torrens University Assessment- Data Analysis and Visualisation Presentation Learning Outcome 1: Explore data management techniques and apply when and where applicable- Learning Outcome 2: Analyse and apply data issues in an organisational context- Learning Outcome 3: Effectively report and communicate findings to a business audience who are not necessarily IT professionals- Learning Outcome 4: Critically analyse and interpret data analytics, its principles and tools for organisational problem solving- Part SummaryIn groups, apply data analysis and visualisation skills, and create meaningful data visualisations for secondary data -selected after approval of your facilitator-- Then, create a 5-10-minute presentation as a short video collage explaining the findings of your visual analysis- ContextIn Module 3, 4 and 5, you learnt about contemporary Data Management practices, Data Analysis and Data Visualisations- You have also explored what the issues related to data are- This group presentation gives you the opportunity to select data that does not have any ‘issues' and perform analysis on it using a tool, creating visualisations that can enable you to get meaningful insight into what selected data has to offer- Part Instructions Step 1: Group formation and registrationForm groups of two members each- Please refer to the attached Group Formation Guidelines document for more information about group formation and registration- You may seek help from your learning facilitator- Step 2: Select secondary data from the internet- Make sure you select the data after approval of your learning facilitator- Step 3: Find out the issues that the selected data has- Make note of all the identified issues- For every issue identified you should have a solid rationale- Step 4: Select a data analysis / visualisation tool- You can surf the web and find out some free data analysis / visualisation tools- Some of the recommended tools are Tableau, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Power BI, Qlik and Google Data Studio- Make sure that before you select a tool, you carefully understand the merits and demerits of that tool- Also discuss with your facilitator the choice of your tool- Step 5: Analyse selected data using the selected tool and try creating meaningful visualisations that give you more visual insight into data- Step 6: Based on analysis using visualisation, identify important finding about that data- Step 7: Carefully identify your limitations- Step 8: Now create a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation having the following sections: Section1: Selected Dataset• Provide a link to data-• Explain why you select this data-• Explain the issues in the selected data- Section 2: Selected Analysis/Visualisation Tool• Explain why you selected this tool-• What were the problems that you faced with this tool????• What are the benefits and drawbacks of the selected tool???? Section 3: Visualisations -Diagrams-• On every PowerPoint slide, copy a diagram -visualisation- and beneath every diagram briefly explain what information/knowledge you obtained from the diagram- Make as many PowerPoint slides as you want to-Section 4: Findings and Limitations• Explain what your findings are about the selected data as a result of data analysis -/ visualisation- that you have performed-• Enlist your limitations- Section 5: Group Work Distribution• Categorically explain how work was distributed between group members- Step 9: Now using the PowerPoint, create a video collage in which your facilitator should be able to see you as well as the PowerPoint slides in the video- Please note that this 5-10-minute video is like an online presentation- Both members of the group should take part in the video equally- Please ensure that you are objective in your presentation -PowerPoint and video-- Plan and rehearse what you have to speak in the video before creating it- ReferencingIt is essential that you use appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research- Attachment:- Data Management and Analytics-rar

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