What type of workplace objectives would critical thinking

Assignment Detail:- BSBCRT511 Develop critical thinking in others Part 1 - Knowledge Questionnaire Question 1 Outline two -2- models of critical and creative thinking- Question 2 Briefly describe two -2- features of five -5- critical thinking concepts and approaches- The concepts and approaches must include analysis, synthesis and evaluation- Concept and approachAnalysisSynthesisEvaluation Question 3 Address the following:• What type of workplace objectives would critical thinking help achieve???? Provide two -2- examples-• What type of workplace processes would be helpful when using critical thinking in a work environment???? Provide two -2- examples-• What workplace resources would you use to support critical thinking in the workplace???? Provide two -2- examples--50-100 words- Question 4 Discuss the characteristics of organisational learning environments and related learning systems:• What does an organisational learning environment look like????• What makes an effective learning environment????• What type of learning systems can be used in an organisational learning environment????-80-120 words- Question 5 List and briefly describe four -4- legislative requirements that relate to typical workplace procedures- Question 6 List five -5- sources of reliable information that are relevant to typical workplace procedures- Question 7 Outline two -2- industry's best practice approaches to teaching critical and creative thinking methods???? Outline two -2---30-50 words/best practice- Question 8 How can you effectively lead a team of individuals to develop critical and creative thinking????-50-100 words- References Attachment:- Develop critical thinking-rar

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