What should a completed detailed design include - Outline a

Assignment Detail:- Knowledge Assessment Question 1- Outline 2 ways to reduce the environmental impact of civil projects- Question 2- What is the advantage of incorporating demand operated ventilation in civil designs???? Question 3- In designing stair placement, what would you do to encourage use???? Question 4- How would you develop a sustainable procurement strategy to be implemented during construction???? Question 5- Where relevant to the proposed development, what engineering information at should be provided???? Question 6- What does it mean to have uniquely identified requirements???? Why should requirements be uniquely identified???? Question 7- What is the term used for the processes required to ensure that the project include all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the work successfully--a- Project Scope Management-b- Bill of Materials-c- Work Breakdown Structure-d- None of the above Question 8- Project Scope Management has following processes:a- Collect Requirementsb- Plan Scope managementc- Define Scoped- Create WBSArrange them in the correct sequence- -a- a-b-c-d-b- c-d-b-a-c- b-a-c-d-d- a-c-b-d Question 9- How does scope creep happen???? Question 10- What happens during concept design stages???? Question 11- What should a completed detailed design include???? Question 12- Outline a strategy to facilitate collaboration on an engineering project- Question 13- What is Computer Aided Design???? Question 14- What should happen after the design review???? Question 15- What does it mean to actively listen???? Question 16- How is the client included in design concept development???? Question 17- What is the purpose of design evaluation????

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