What risks do you anticipate impacting negatively on your

Assignment Detail:- Part - Reflect on Your Progress & Learning Plan Overview This is a simple task to review your progress and your learning plan regularly together with the teaching team- This will help us ensure that you are on track, and that the teaching team is aware of any difficulty that you might face- We provide a few prompting questions to help you- These questions ask about what you did, how you feel you are progressing, and whether you anticipate any issue- Please give a brief answer to the provided questions- Part requirementsa- Read the task instructions Part Instructions 1- Reflecting on your weeks 4-7 in the unit, and your learning goals, provide answers to the following questions:a- Which OnTrack tasks have you submitted???? How many are marked as ‘complete'???? Are there any overdue tasks????b- What worked well with your previous learning plan -in 3-4P-????c- What didn't work as well as planned????d- How did/could you overcome these obstacles????e- What risks do you anticipate impacting negatively on your study in the next few weeks???? f- What strategies are you putting in place to mitigate these risks???? 2- Do you think your learning plan needs to be updated???? If so please include the updated plan- 3- Please do not write more than 1 page in 12 point font- 4- Write your answer in a text file/document, covert to PDF and submit to OnTrack- Note: You can change your target grade at any time- You could change learning plans again as you progress further-

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