What processes will you implement to identify and address

Assignment Detail:- Part - Develop a performance plan Part Question 1:In order for CCF & MB to continue to meet their primary goal of ‘being a leader in offering broking services to the local community', they have asked you, in your capacity as the newly appointed general manager, to develop a performance plan and establish some ‘key performance indicators' -KPIs- for all customer service staff- The objective of the performance plan is to focus on the organisation's key goals and objectives in line with the ‘Service standards statement'available in the toolbox- Information on people performance can be sourced from the learning material Topic 1-3, People management--200 words- Part Question 2: Write an email for circulation within the business that praises the team's positive efforts and contributions over the last six months-Ensure that you are specific so as the team knows what they have done well and the impact that their actions--100 words- Part Question 3:-a- What processes will you implement to identify and address issues, concerns and problems identified by team members????-b- How will you encourage the team to participate and take responsibility for solving problems????-c- How will you support the team to identify, participate and take responsibility for solving problems????-d- What behaviours will you need to exhibit to promote teamwork and collaboration????-300 words- Part Question 4:In the template below,outline the communication that you will provide to key stakeholders -in particular George and Mildred, and the team-- Identify at least five -5-stakeholders and advise of their preferred communicationrequirements--100 words- Part Question 5:The team members are struggling to achieve the KPI's established in your performance plan and have requested that you inform George and Mildred that they cannot be achieved without an additional administration staff member -maybe just part time-- After discussion and consideration, you agree- Write an email to George and Mildred outlining the issue and develop a solid case for the recruitment of an additional staff member--100 words- Part Question 6:In Part 6 there were some serious issues with a loan application for one of CCF & MB's most influential clients, a property developer- The client is thinking of cancelling the agreement- Write an email to George and Mildred outlining the issue and how you have resolved it--100 words- Part Question 7:The Tuckman's theory focuses on the four -4- stagesa team goes through as they develop and grow together over time-To understand more about the four stages of team development use the link from MIT Human Resources and the video ‘Tuckman's Stages of Team Development - the links are located in the Toolbox--a- For each of the four -4- stages of team development -forming, storming, norming and performing-, describe the support you will provide the CCF & MB team to facilitate cohesiveness and teamwork- Include how you will change your leadership and management style to meet the needs of the team at each of the four stages of development--b- How would you consider the team members' individual personality and emotional needs????-300 words- Part Question 8:One of the most difficult challenges a manager faces is to maximise performance while maintaining a positive work environment--a- Give three -3- examples of challenges that can arise when managers attempt to maximise productivity within a work team--b- For each of these challenges, provide a range of solutions to maintain team cohesion whilst maximising productivity - three -3- solutions for each challenge-atotal of nine -9----250 words- Attachment:- Performance plan-rar

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