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Assignment Detail:- BSBXTW401 Lead and facilitate a team Assessment Part - Team Management Practical Part A Interview questions Question 1- Explain your organization's key values- Question 2- What are your organization's general expectations of team member behaviour???? Question 3- Show your teamwork plan and explain in detail how it was generated- Question 4- Explain the different techniques you have used to build your team- Which worked best???? Which didn't work???? Question 5- How do you and your team set team goals???? Question 6- How do you motivate your team???? How do you know how well it works???? Question 7- How do you monitor you team goals so that your team meets them???? Question 8- How do you strengthen communications in the team???? Question 9- Explain five different styles of leadership- What are the strengths and weaknesses of each style???? What do you think is your particular style???? How have you arranged your work so that your particular style is effective for you???? Question 10- What are the main lessons you had to learn to be a leader in your workplace???? Question 11- If you were training a new manager, what would be the top five principles that you would want them to learn???? Explain each of your five principles- Question 12- What conflicts have you had to resolve???? Question 13- Explain three different approaches for resolving conflicts in the team- Question 14- What steps to you take to resolve problems???? -We understand that you will probably use different strategies for different kinds of problems-- Question 15- What particular communication approaches do you need in potentially difficult situations???? Question 16- How do you get advice to ensure that your team is focused and on track???? Question 17- Name three instances where you have taken leadership and made decisions that led to positive changes in the workplace- Question 18- How do you handle your mistakes???? Question 19- In what kinds of situation do you have to negotiate with staff???? Question 20- Explain the different ways you have of communicating information to your team and to your up-line manager- What kinds of situations best suit different kinds of approaches???? Question 21- Explain the group dynamics of your team: Which groups have power or influence???? Which groups don't have power and influence???? Who is a good influence and who isn't???? What subgroups do they divide into???? How does the group make decisions???? Question 22- All your team members are different from each other- Explain your strategies for handling individual behaviours and differences- Question 23- Explain how you delegate and allocate tasks and roles- What works???? What are the pitfalls????Note: Your assessor may also ask you a variety of "what if" questions- Part B Performance Improvement Plan Complete the following information:The Key Performance Indicator -KPI- that the performance issue falls underThe specific skill to be improved or gained, knowledge to be acquired or behaviour to be modified-The steps to be taken to bring about improvement-The people within the team or organisation who can assist in this process, or need to be involved from a procedural point of view-The timeframe within which an improvement should be achieved-The process for evaluating and measuring the performance improvement- Performance Improvement Plan a- Based on the outcome of the Performance Plan, create at least 3 different Performance Improvement Plan- The Referencing style that we use is APA style Attachment:- Team Management Practical-rar

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