What issues can arise in relation to with BYOD policies and

Assignment Detail:- Part - Cyber Security Awareness Scenario:Read through the Part document on Canvas and create the following report- You will need to use the Information Technology Cyber Security Policy- Your document must include: 1- Policiesa- Develop a set of policies and procedures for a work area that promote cyber security awareness and practices-i- Is your login/screen locked down????ii- Is your OS up to date????iii- Do you have a strong password policy????iv- Do you run antivirus updates, or utilize anti-virus, anti-malware and DNS filters????v- Do you dispose of all data and equipment properly????vi- Are mobile devices protected????vii- Are employees educated????viii- Do you have a security, backup and recovery plan in place????ix- Do you know who to call for help???? 2- Traininga- Create a PowerPoint to arrange training or updates to the employees to increase their awareness in cyber security matters -at least 2- from the following example:i- Phishing attacksii- Removable mediaiii- Passwords and authenticationiv- Physical securityv- Mobile device securityvi- Working remotelyvii- Public Wi-Fiviii- Cloud securityix- Social media usex- Internet and email usexi- Social engineeringxii- Security when working from home 3- Referencinga- The Referencing style that we use is APA style- Knowledge questions Question 1- What is cyber security???? Question 2- Why Does Cyber Security Matter???? Question 3- Create a list of at least 5 sources of information you can access to determine new cyber security threats and trends- Question 4- Which employees should complete cybersecurity awareness training courses???? Question 5- What topics should be covered in cyber defence training???? Question 6- Why would you need a cyber security policy in your workplace and what should be included???? Question 7- Outline the typical issues that should be addressed in a security review- Question 8- What does the Notifiable Data Breaches Scheme entail???? Question 9- Who's responsibility is cyber security in a workplace???? Question 10- A hacker locks out users and encrypts their personal computer files and data, holding it hostage until they agree to pay to the attacker- What is this practice called???? Group of answer choices-a- Browser hijacker-b- Ransomware-c- Brute-force Question 11- What issues can arise in relation to with BYOD policies???? Question 12- How could you educate employees on cyber security???? Attachment:- Cyber Security Awareness-rar

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