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Assignment Detail:- CMP1041 Foundation Programming - Academy of Information Technology Assessment Purpose The complexity and difficulty of software development results in bugs creeping into our programs despite our efforts to write great bug-free code- Sometimes companies fail to meet the software quality standards of their clients due to not having the proper quality processes in place to ensure their software is bug free- When companies fail to meet the quality standards of their clients they can take this opportunity to revise their processes for developing software by learning from past mistakes, so that all future projects can have better quality- In this assessment you work as an engineer for a company specializing in writing software for the medical industries -hospitals, doctor practices, ----- Your main role is to increase the quality of all future software developed at the company to ensure the company released great quality software to their clients- Assessment Part Read through the following scenario and respond by compiling a report addressing each of the sections and sub sections- You will submit the report of approximately 1,750 words as one -1- pdf file- Scenario You work for a company called Medical Software Solutions Inc, who have recently finished a project for a local hospital- However the hospital deemed that the software your company delivered did not meet their strict quality requirements, and as stipulated in the contract they have decided to not use the provided software and to not pay your company for the time spent creating the software- This has caused management to be upset as they were relying on that money to grow the company, the engineers are upset because they spent time working on a project that has now been thrown away, and everyone in the company is worried that their reputation has been hurt and that it will be harder to find clients in the future- Management has promoted you to the role of Chief Quality Officer, an engineering role that is in charge of ensuring that the quality of all future software projects is sufficient to meet the client's expectations so that this situation is not repeated again- Management wants to know the following: 1- What was the problem with the software that caused the hospital to deem that it did not meet their quality requirements????2- What is your plan going forward for all future software projects to ensure the quality meets the clients expectations???? To answer these questions compile a report that both management -non-technical people- and engineers will read with the following sections: Section: IntroductionDiscuss why testing is important, what could be the results of delivering buggy code in terms of cost to the company and the effect and risk on the user of the software- Specifically reference the code delivered in the project for the local hospital and why it could have ethical problems if bugs were to exist in the software regarding the impact to patients- Section: DebuggingDefine and describe1- What a bug is-2- What debugging is and why debugging is challenging-3- What a debugger is- Provide a screenshot image of your desktop where you are debugging the provided C++ code that clearly shows breakpoints that will stop the execution of the program when an alert is sent, and when the blood pressure is determined- Provide details to the reader of the report detailing how each of your breakpoints will allow the reader of the report to understand about the program- Section: Bugs in hospital projectReview the flowchart, pseudocode, and C++ code from the hospital project and provide information of1- The line number or flowchart node the bug occurs in-2- What type of bug this is-3- How the bug affects the program-4- A fix for the bug- The code has been provided on the following pages- Section: Testing PlanSubsection: Types of testingChoose three -3- types of testing from the list below and describe1- What that type of testing is-2- Why it will improve the quality of future software- Types:• White Box testing-• Black Box testing-• Unit testing-• Integration testing-• Beta testing-• Stress testing-• Product testing-• Performance testing-• Smoke and sanity testing-• Regression testing- Subsection: Flowcharts & PseudocodeYou've noticed in your company that some engineers catch bugs in flowcharts easily, and find it hard to catch bugs in pseudocode- Other engineers are the opposite! Enforce a rule that all algorithms will be provided in flowchart and pseudocode form- In your report:1- Inform the reader of this rule-2- Describe how providing both a flowchart and pseudocode version of an algorithm will increase the quality of the software-3- Provide an example by converting the flowchart from the hospital project into pseudocode - your flowchart should contain no bugs or errors- Subsection: Defect Life CycleYou've noticed in your company that engineers find bugs but forget to fix them- In your report:1- Describe what a defect life cycle is and how it provides value to the company-2- Create a flowchart with the following life cycle statesNew -> Assigned -> In Progress -> Completed -> Closed New -> Assigned -> Won't Fix -> Closed3- Describe each state and when a defect should enter and leave the state- Subsection: Software Quality MetricsManagement and engineers want to quickly inspect the quality of the software project without having to read each line of code- For the metrics listed below, in your report:1- Describe the metric and how it will allow developers and managers to inspect the quality of the software-2- Describe what the value of the metric should be in the best case, and the worst case- Describe why- Metrics:• Defect Density• Defect Age• MTBF• MTTR• System Availability Section: SummaryProvide a summary of the report and each of its sections- Describe why following the testing plan will increase the quality of future software and what effect that will have on the company- CMP1042 Information Systems Assessment - e-Commerce Design Proposal Assessment PurposeThis assessment provides you the chance to demonstrate your understanding of:a- e-Commerce principles, particularly strategies for success;b- hardware, software and networking components;c- systems development principles; andd- ethics and security- Assessment PartSubmit a 1500-word report in MS Word -or equivalent-, as described in the Assessment Instructions on the following page- Assessment InstructionsRead the case study associated with this assessment, then prepare a report, proposing a solution to the requirements of the business- The case study can be found on the learning management system alongside this brief, or will be provided to you by your facilitator- If you are unable to find it, please contact your facilitator-Based on the scenario in the case study, develop a project proposal -1500 words-, which you will present to the key stakeholders- Proposal StructureYour proposal should cover the nine -9- elements requested in the case study, and include the following eight -8- sections-1- Introduction/Background: An summary of why this proposal is being made and what it aims to achieve -50 words--2- Scope of the Project: List the elements being included or considered in the project -100 words-3- Stakeholders: List five -5- key stakeholders and what information they should receive -50 words--4- Technology: Explain the proposed hardware, software, network and database technology that could be implemented based on the case study expectations -800 words--5- Implementation Plan: -Not included in word count-- Explain the tasks required for the project and when they will be undertaken- E-g-, using a Work Breakdown Structure -WBS- and implementation schedule -Gantt chart--6- Risk Analysis: List three -3- major risks related to system bugs and project deliverables that might be encountered, their risk level and how they will be mitigated -100 words--7- Security, Legal, Ethical: Explain how the system will be made secure, how data will be stored ethically and in line with legal regulations -250 words--8- Future Enhancements: Specify the additional components, features, functions or developments that could be applied to the system -E-g- mobile app, social media, search-engine optimisation- -100 words-- INT1012 Introduction to Web Completed Website Assessment PurposeThe purpose of this task is to complete the development process of the prototype website you developedin Assignment 3- The task requires you to apply flexboxes and responsiveness to the website prototype, and create a finished website based on your web design document- Assessment PartYou are to complete the development of the website prototype using HTML code, based on the design document you submitted for Assessment 2- Your submission will consist of HTML files and one -1- external CSS file- Assessment InstructionsYou need to complete the development of the prototype you started earlier, and produce a final completed website- Your completed website should be produced using HTML code that you produce- This should be done with an appropriate code editor- It should not be copied from another website-Images and text may be sourced from other websites, however, you must reference any items used from external sources using the Harvard referencing style- Place this list in the ‘About' or ‘About us' section of the website- The completed website should:• Contain five -5- pages• Be well structured and use valid HTML code• Include the use of flexboxes• Demonstrate your knowledge of using media queries for responsive design• Be functional on both mobile and desktop• Include basic JavaScript that adds interactive enhancements to at least one -1- web page• Have consistent layout throughout the website• Have effective navigation for desktop and mobile• Use the font-s- and design elements specified in the design document• Contain references for information sourced online- The website should NOT:• Contain lorem ipsum, filler text or random characters• Contain placeholder images that are of no relevance to the website's topic• Be created from templates or code that has been generated automatically by software• Be copied from the work of other students• Be copied from sources other than the ones approved by your teacher- Attachment:- software development-rar

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