What is the vision of the Australian Government that both

Assignment Detail:- CHCECE034 Use an approved learning framework to guide practice Question 1 AUnder the NQF there are two -2- nationally approved learning frameworks that apply to all services for children attending these in Australia-What are the two -2- nationally approved learning frameworks in Australia???? Research and identify the website you would go to access these frameworks-Question 1 BWhat is the name of one -1- other relevant approved learning framework that could be used in a FDC, childcare, or SAEC service????Question 1 CWhat is the vision of the Australian Government that both learning frameworks contribute to????Question 1 DDiscuss the purpose of each nationally approved learning frameworks-Question 2 AWhat are the five -5- learning outcomes in both the EYLF and My Time, Our Place????Please list each outcome including number and name-Question 2 BWhat are the five -5- principles in both the EYLF and MTOP????Please list each principle including number and name-Question 2 CWhat are the eight -8- practices of EYLF and MTOP???? In your , include any differences between the two-Question 2 DQuestionIn your , discuss how the two frameworks differ in pedagogical approach -maximum 100 words--Question 3 A While working at a service you will be required to identify and use the curriculum framework that is applicable to your service, as well as the learning outcomes within it- Read the following scenarios and respond:At your service you have a 12-year-old child who you wish to support with their wellbeing- Identify the curriculum framework, and the learning outcome that would use to inform you and also give three strategies you could apply to do so-Question 3 BYou have a 3-year-old child at your service who is very interested in playing with and reading books about dinosaurs-Identify the learning framework applicable, and the learning outcome most applicable within this Framework- In your response also include three -3- learning strategies you could use to facilitate the child's learning-Question 4 AChoose two -2- job roles from the list below and  the questions that follow:• Early Childhood Teacher• Educational Leader• Lead Educator• Family Day Care Coordinator• Family Day Care Educator• Educator What are their job role responsibilities????Question 4 BHow do they work in collaboration with others to implement the learning framework????Question 4 CWhat are the eight -8- key elements of collaborative practice????Question 5 Ao have policies and procedures for-Question 5 BUsing the "Guide to the NQF" on the ACECQA website research NQS and discuss element 2-2-3-Question 5 Ca- Fill in the below requirements for Section 4-4-1 Ratios for centre-based services, as outlined in the "Guide to the NQF"- Age of children Educator to child ratio Where requirement applies Question 5 DIdentify the six -6- steps services may follow to design their educational learning policies- Provide additional details, where applicable-Question 5 EWhile there is no set timeframe for education services to conduct policy reviews, what recommendations does the NQS make about reviewing policies????Question 5 FUnder regulations 172 -1-, parents of children must be notified of a change to a policy or procedures if the change will have any of three -3- impacts- What are these impacts and what is the timeframe for notification in these circumstances????Question 6 ADiscuss the definition and purpose of critical reflection and identify two -2- processes you can participate in to critically reflect-Question 6 BWhat are five -5- questions you could ask yourself during critical reflection????Question 6 CWhen self-reflecting, why is discussing your practices with your supervisor or colleagues beneficial????Question 6 DWhat are two -2- ways you can ensure your reflections are meaningful????Question 7 AIt is a requirement of any education and care service to incorporate the learning framework into their daily practices, experiences, and routines-What are the three -3- key elements of the learning framework that can be applied to support children's learning, and how are these reflected in the service philosophy and policies????Question 7 BExplain three -3- different practices in the learning framework that educators are encouraged to engage in daily-Question 7 CWhat are three -3- ways you can create a learning experience based on the principle of holistic practice????Question 7 DHow can an educator respect diversity in their routines according to the principle, respect for diversity, as discussed in the learning framework???? Learner Instructions As part of a collaborative evaluation of a service, you will need to focus on an FDC or childcare service- Please choose one -1- service type and write it in the beginning of your project- You are able to create the information you will use as the basis for this project or, if you work in a FDC or childcare service, or have been on work placement, you may use information about that service- If you use information about a real service, always use a different name for the service so it cannot be identified- This is extremely important, and it is called deidentifying the data- This project will develop understanding of a collaborative process, which will provide you with worthwhile experience that you may draw on during your work placement or while you are working in a service- Please use each of the following numbered points as subheadings within your project and write your responses under each subheading-Please note this project does not require you to implement your ideas in the workplace- Your project must be approximately 600 words- Question 8 AWhat service type was chosen???? Choose either an FDC or childcare service- Name the identified learning framework and give an example of how the service could demonstrate one -1- of the practices from it-Question 8 BWho would be involved in ensuring the learning framework is implemented???? Please list the positions, including supervisors-Question 8 CHow does the framework support educators' practice and how should this inform your practice????Question 8 DWhat strategies could lead educators use to implement the learning framework in their program???? e-g- interactions with children, non-stereotyped visual arts experiences, collaboration between educators or incorporating sustainability- Please choose one -1- or a similar topic-Question 8 E How would the above strategy be implemented in the service to incorporate the learning framework???? Please write three -3- points for your chosen strategy- Attachment:- learning framework-rar

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