What is the real problem about diversity in organisations

Assignment Detail:- Assignment - Essay Diversity has been largely debated and yet remains a complex issue for organisations- Compare and contrast the different forms of diversity at the theoretical level and propose a critical analysis of the respective strengths and weaknesses of common one-size-fits-all approaches- Deepen your analysis in providing a discussion on the role of CEOs, managers, and group members to implement solutions facilitating diversity and associated positive outcomes- The purpose of this assessment is to assess student capacity to demonstrate their theoretical knowledge and practical application of important aspects of organizational behaviour- Build your skills How to find the academic definition of an OB concept Let's imagine we are searching for the definition of organisational culture- Use google scholar and search using quotation marks "organisational culture is defined" -- it works most of the time- If the concept is too broad -e-g-, diversity-, you may need to add AND Management -or AND Organisation-- How to find relevant articlesUse google scholar and retrieve the starting point article -copy-paste the title-- From there, check how many citations and click on the number to find more relevant articles related to the same topic- You may want to click on 2017 and after -see left menu of google scholar- to focus on the most recent literature- How to build your reference list in one clickInstall the Google scholar button in your browser, highlight the title of an article, click on the Google scholar button, click on cite, copy-paste the APA citation to your reference list- Attachment:- Organisation behaviour and design-rar

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