What is the distribution of the family and What is the

Assignment Detail:- BZ5650 Australian Land Plants - James Cook University In Quiz there is a question for which you have to prepare- I will remind you again later, but here is something for you to do over easter others than scoff chocolate! CHOOSE A PLANT FAMILY and answer the following questions- Perhaps start with visiting the Angiosperm Phylogeny website and the Tree of Life Project- 1- Name of your chosen family and the name of the person who first named it and in what publication and when- What order is it in???? 2- What is the type of this family, if possible try to find where it was collected???? 3- Is there a common name or names???? 4- What is the distribution of the family -not justAustralia if you have chosen a family which is not endemic????- 5- Estimated number of genera; name three commongenera and who named them; 6- What is the estimated number of species for the family; 7- Give a short diagnostic description of the family including 2 distinguishing features; 8- What is known of the pollination and dispersal strategies/modes; 9- Are any species or genera used by humans for any purpose???? 10- What are the closely related families in the order???? 11- Do members of this family have a preferred habitat,e-g- forest or grassland or???? 12- List the main references you used to source your information-

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