What is the difference between a mentor and a coach and

Assignment Detail:- BSBMGT402 Implement operational plan Q1: Research the following problem solving theories-1- Edward DeBono's six thinking hats2- The seven step process 3- The five step process4- Critical thinking techniques Q2:What is a KPI and how should they be written???? Q3:Who should write KPIs, why???? Q4: Who should decide what coaching an employee needs, why???? Q5:Who is responsible for recruitment in an organisation???? Q6: Are they always the best people to do this, why, why not???? Q7: What is the difference between a mentor and a coach???? Q8: Who should a manager consult with before beginning any major changes in a workplace???? Q9: What steps should be taken by an organisation before they purchase new assets???? Q10: What can management do to identify and correct unsatisfactory performance by staff members???? Q11: Who is responsible for ensuring an operational plan is completed within the correct timeframe and with the desired result???? Q12: What steps can be taken to correct an operational plan that has been hit by an unforeseen problem???? Q13: Why is it necessary to always be aware of your budget position when making any decision regarding an operational plan???? Q14: At a minimum who should be consulted before changing an operational plan????

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