What is measured, by whom, and in what way? And how do we

Assignment Detail:- 7248EDN Navigating Educational Leadership - Griffith University Legislative contexts in education: Negligence - Accountability for what???? And how is that accountability made transparent???? How may it be contested and open to dialogue???? - What is measured, by whom, and in what way???? And how do we guarantee the value of what is measured and the means by which practice is then affected???? - How do we disentangle the school effect from that of communities, social agencies, private tutoring, tuition centres, and most importantly, the social and educational capital residing in nuclear and extended families???? - What is it about educational institutions that, in theory, encourages a liberal tradition of dialogue and dissent, yet sees these precepts rarely honoured in practice???? - If teachers and school leaders have become deprofessionalised, what does it tell us about the potency of national an international agencies????

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