What is longest running race in the Olympic Games called

Assignment Detail:- Unit - Spend or Save/Changing Lives Spend or save/Changing lives Ex-1 Complete the sentences below with trip, journey or travel- When I was a child, I hated the long car journey to my grandparents' house- I always felt sick-I won't be here tomorrow- I'm going on a business ____________ I'll be back at the weekend-Flying is the safest way to _______-We're taking a __________ to the beach on Saturday- Do you want to join us????In my job, I need to __________ a lot on business-The ____________ from London to Singapore takes approximately 13 hours- Ex- 2 Read Nick's and Jaynes travel stories and complete the sentences with the correct verbs- NickWhen I was in my early 20s, I decided I wanted to spend a few months abroad-I wanted to become more independent and ______________ new people and ______________ new skills- I suppose I wanted to ______________ myself-Rather than travel, like a lot of my friends, I wanted to ______________ voluntary work-I spent some time in Ghana, as a teaching assistant- My job was to help children learn basic computer skills, such as creating a document or going online- It sounds simple, but I think it was a very worthwhile experience- It really ______________ my horizons-JayneSome people like to go abroad to ______________ different cultures, or ______ ________ new places- To be honest, I went to ______________ away from it all-I like nothing more than sitting on a beach all day doing nothing- I don't want to ______________ a new language- I don't have time-I ______________ other cultures, but I'm just not interested in sightseeing- I just want to relax and switch off- If there is a nice beach and a good hotel, I'm happy- Ex- 3 Match Column A and Column B to form statements and questions Column A  Column B  1-      Anna has                       ------------- 2-      Have you                       ------------ 3-      I've never                      ------------ 4-      Petra went to Tunisia     ------------ 5-      Anna has been               ------------ a-      been to New York, before???? b-      seen the Amazon River, have you???? c-      and Morocco last year- d-     already booked her plane tickets e-      to the Sydney Opera House????   Ex- 4 Read the email and choose the correct tense form: Present perfect or Past simple- Dear Petra,How have you been???? I think the last time we ________________________ -have spoken/spoke- was over two months ago- Anyway, I ________________________ -just returned/have just returned- from a week walking in Morocco- We ________________________ -flew/have flown- to Marrakesh and then ________________________ -have walked/walked- for three days in the Atlas Mountains- ________________________ -I never did/ I've never done- anything so tiring in my life, but it was amazing!The tour leader ________________________ -has taken/took- us to parts of the mountains where tourists don't normally go- The local people even ________________________ -have invited/invited-us into their homes- At the end, the group ________________________ -I have spent/spent- a night in Fez - this is a beautiful town, it has a great market- I ________________________ -didn't spend/haven't spent- too much money there but I ________________________ -bought/have bought- a lot of fruit which was lovely-Anyway, I've already booked another holiday there in the autumn- Would you like to come????Love, Anna- Ex- 5 Travel Writing assignmentWriting guideline: Write approximately 100 words about a trip you went onWrite a short essay about a trip you went on, write about where you went, who you went with, what you saw, what you ate and drank, what you learnt etc, provide as much information you can- Stereotypes Ex-1 Highlight the correct articles A/An/The/No articles 1- Q: Is dad picking us up today????A: Nope, _________________ mom's picking us up- a- NO ARTICLEb- ac- the 2- Q: Who's that????A: That's _________________ guy I told you about last week- a- ab- thec- NO ARTICLE 3- Q: Why are you so upset????A: I'm not upset- You're _________________ one who's upset- a- theb- ac- NO ARTICLE 4- Q: Is this _________________ bad time???? Should I call you later????A: Yes, please call me in 30 minutes- a- theb- NO ARTICLEc- a 5- Q: How do you like my dress????A: Wow! That's _________________ one beautiful dress! a- ab- thec- NO ARTICLE 6- Q: Why won't your brother talk to me????A: Because you told him he was stupid! That was _________________ very mean thing to say- a- ab- thec- NO ARTICLE 7- Q: Do you like cats or dogs????A: I like them both, but I think I like ___________ cats more than _____________ dogs- a- ab- NO ARTICLEc- the 8- Q: Is this _________________ road to San Francisco????A: Yes, it is- a- ab- thec- NO ARTICLE 9- Q: Do you know the name of _________________ artist who painted this portrait????A: Yes, it's Henri Matisse- a- anb- NO ARTICLEc- the 10- Q: We'll never make it on time!A: Sure we will! I know _________________ shortcut- a- theb- ac- NO ARTICLE Ex-2 Vocabulary Dependant Prepositions1- I waited ____????you for more than an hour-2- I'm looking forward????_____????seeing you-3- We arrived????______????the station too late-4- We are thinking_____????going on a trip to Venice-5- Why are you shouting _____ me????6- This book belongs_____????me-7- I never complained????_______????my salary-8- I spent all my money????____ clothes-9- He got married????____????his boss-10- As soon as we arrived????______????Lisbon, we called our friends----------/10 Ex-3 Reading ComprehensionStereotypes A stereotype is a fixed idea that people have about what specific social groups or individuals are like, especially an idea that is wrong- Other terms that are associated with the term stereotype are prejudice and cliché- The term has a Greek origin:stereos means solid or firm and typos mean blow, impression, engraved or mark- The term was first used in the printing business- The first modern English use of the term was in 1850, meaning "image perpetuated without change-"Because stereotypes are standardized and simplified ideas of groups, based on some prejudices, they are not derived from objective facts, but rather subjective and often unverifiable ideas- As Sociologist Charles E- Hurst states* "One reason for stereotypes is the lack of personal, concrete familiarity that individuals have with persons in other racial or ethnic groups- Lack of familiarity encourages the lumping together of unknown individuals"- The existence of stereotypes may be explained by the need of groups of people to view themselves as more normal or more superior than other groups- Consequently, stereotypes may be used to justify ill-founded prejudices or ignorance and prevent people of stereotyped groups from entering or succeeding in various activities or fields- The stereotyping group are, generally, reluctant to reconsider their attitudes and behaviour towards stereotyped group- Stereotypes may affect people negatively- This includes forming inaccurate and distorted images and opinions of people- Stereotypes may also be used for scapegoating or for making general erroneous judgments about people- Some stereotyping people may feel comfortable when they prevent themselves from emotional identification with the stereotyped group, which leads to xenophobic or racist behaviour- Finally, another serious consequence of stereotypes is the feeling of inferiority that the stereotyped people may have, and which may impair their performance-1- The word stereotype has:a- a Greek origin-b- an English origin-2- Stereotypes are used to:a- make generalizations about different groups of people-b- have an accurate understanding of the stereotyped people-3- If you label people in terms of stereotypes, you will probably :a- be having an exact judgment of their worth-b- be behaving in a discriminatory way-4- Stereotyping my affect people-a- Positivelyb- Negatively5- stereotyping group are, generally,a- have positive attitudes and behaviour towards stereotyped group-b- reluctant to reconsider their attitudes and behaviour towards stereotyped group- Ex-4 Listening ComprehensionWatch the video, Stereotypes -Who talks more Men or Women????Write 5 sentences from the research you hear-1-2-3-4-5- Ex- 5 Travel Writing assignmentWriting guideline: Write approximately 100 words look at the people below and read their signsWrite a short essay - Have you or a friend ever been Stereotyped???? Write about what happened- Unit - Failure & Success/Modern Manners Ex-1 Highlight the correct Reflective Pronouns1- _____ he understand what you were talking about???? a- Couldb- Cansc- Coulded 2- My sister _____ play tennis now- a- can tob- canc- will can 3- I _____ walk when I was less than a year old- a- canb- couldc- have can 4- -Polite- _____ you tell me what time it is, please???? a- Couldb- Canc- Will 5- My grandfather ________ walk without any help last night- a- canb- couldc- was able to6- I would like to ________ play the piano- a- canb- couldc- be able to 7- How long have you ________ drive???? a- canb- couldc- been able to 8- I'll ________ help you later- a- canb- couldc- be able to 9- Can you help me???? I ________ never understand this- a- canb- cannotc- am able to 10- Will people ________ live forever one day???? a- could beb- be able toc- could be able to Ex-2 Highlight the correct answers with the multiple-choice answers-Q1- This wet weather is so ------ -depressed / depressing -Q2- I will be very ----- if she does well in her test- -surprised / surprising -Q3- My new job is extremely ------ -tired / tiring -Q4- I come home extremely ----- at the end of each day- -tired / tiring -Q5- He's such a ------ person- He never wants to go out- -bored / boring -Q6- I'm ------ I have no idea what to do- -confused / confusing -Q7- Did you hear the ------ news about the accident???? -shocked / shocking -Q8- I'm not very ------ in sport- -interested / interesting -Q9- I didn't find his joke very ------ -amused / amusing -Q10- I am ------ of spiders- -frightened / frightening - Ex-3 Write an answer for each question Q1- Does wet weather depress you???? Why/why not????Q2- Do you do well in exams????Q3- Is your job extremely tiring???? Why/why not????Q4- Are you frightened of spiders????Q5- Do you think you're a boring person???? Why/why not???? Ex-4 Listening ComprehensionClick on the link attached & watch the video, Five Tips For Success Write down the 5 tips you hear-1-2-3-4-5- Ex- 5 Travel Writing assignment Writing guideline: -Write 100 words- WHAT ARE YOU VERY GOOD AT DOING???? Unit - Sporting Superstitions/ Love at Exit Ex-1 Highlight the correct answers1- My mother _________ cook on Sundays- a- used tob- is used to 2- Didn't you use to _____ ???? a- swimb- swimming 3- I didn't use to _____ this much TV- a- watchb- watching 4- You will ________ noisy children soon- a- used tob- be used to 5- Allison used to _____ my best friend- a- beb- being 6- I used to _____ a glass of red wine every day- a- drinkingb- drink 7- I was used to _____ sunshine in Hawaii- a- seeingb- see 8- Are you used to _____ spicy food???? a- eatb- eating 9- My brother is used to ________ early for school- a- get upb- getting up 10- Did you _____ to eat meat???? a- useb- used Ex-2 Match the sports equipment with the sport- You can write the alphabets from column B next to question in column A- Column A1- Racket :2- Pool :3- Skis :4- Helmet :5- Skates :6- Shuttlecock :7- Ski Poles :8- Bat :9- Puck :10- Bicycle :11- Net :12- Stick :13- Swimsuit :14- Ball :15- Glove :Column Ba- Tennis -3-b- Swimming -2-c- Baseball -3-d- Badminton -3-e- Soccer -2-f- Skiing -2-g- Cycling -2-h- Hockey -4- Ex- 3 Write a meaning for each phrase/noun/adjective-1- Cross your fingers-2- Four-leaved clover3- Superstition4- Superstitious5- Touch wood Ex-4 Listening ComprehensionClick on the attached link & watch the video, Strange Athlete SuperstitionsWrite down the name of 5 celebrities and their superstitions-1-2-3-4-5- Ex-5 Writing AssignmentWriting guideline: Write about 3 superstitions in your country- • Superstition 1: • Superstition 2: • Superstition 3: Unit - Judging by Appearances Ex-1 Write Might/ Can't/ Must to in the sentence gaps 1- Look at that guy's enormous muscles- He ________________ work out a lot-2- Michelle ________________ want to participate in the festival - it seems like the type of thing she'd be interested in- Why don't you ask her????3- She goes camping every weekend- She ________________ really love the outdoors-4- He worked hard on his report, then accidentally deleted the file from his computer- He ________________ be upset-5- You ________________ be right - but I'm going to check to make sure-6- We're not sure if this painting is an original- It ________________ be worth thousands of dollars-7- I ________________ not be able to go to the football game- It depends on whether I can get the afternoon off from work-8- He's working full-time and studying for his Ph-D- That ________________ be easy-9- You just ate a huge dinner! You ________________ be hungry again already! 10-Wow - look at that diamond necklace-10- It ________________ cost a fortune- Ex-2 Highlight the correct answers1- Which word is closest in meaning to "polite"???? a- charmingb- sincerec- courteous 2- Which word is closest in meaning to "hard-working"???? a- pro-activeb- resourcefulc- diligent 3- Which word is closest in meaning to "funny"???? a- humorousb- convivialc- plucky 4- Which word is closest in meaning to "sociable"???? a- amusingb- gregariousc- diplomatic5- If you consider the needs or feelings of others, you're a _______ person- a- reservedb- consideratec- faithful 6- If you have a relaxed attitude and don't worry too much, you're _______ - a- Easy goingb- versatilec- patient 7- If you express strong feelings or beliefs about something, you're _______ about it- a- passionateb- romanticc- compassionate 8- If you often feel sympathy for people or animals that are suffering, you're a _______ person- a- passionateb- romanticc- compassionate 9- Which word is closest in meaning to "sensible"???? a- sensitiveb- rationalc- reliable 10- If you don't depend on other people or need much support, you're an _______ person- a- adventurousb- energeticc- independent Ex-3 Writing Exercise• Complete each statement with might or must????to fill each space,• finish each sentence in your own words-• Example: I CAN'T believe it; I just saw a UFO flying in the sky! 1- Your mother????________????be a great cook-------2- I????_________ be working too hard-------3- Do you know where Carl is???? He_______????be out----------4- You????_________????go every week to---------------------5-- He____________????know much about this company---------------6- They ___________be in there, I saw them going to----------------7- Oh, the phone is ringing- Answer it- It_________????be Kate-------------------8- Dan has been drinking that whiskey since early this afternoon- He_______????be totally-------------9- That couple_______????think much of this film, they're leaving-------------10-- They__________????be very rich---------------- Ex-4 Listening ComprehensionClick on the attached link & watch the video, Don't Put People in BoxesWrite down 5 personal questions you heard-1-2-3-4-5- Ex-5 Writing AssignmentWriting guideline - Approximately 50 words each for both the questions-- :Q-1 Is it OK to Judge people???? Explain your point of views-Q-2 Is it OK to Judge people who break the law???? Explain your point of views- Please use the correct tenses, punctuation, article and preposition use- Check your work before you submit it- Unit - Ideal Home Ex-1 Highlight the correct answers with First & Second Conditionals1- What would you do if it ________ on your wedding day???? a- rainedb- will rainc- would rain 2- If she comes, I _____ call you- a- willb- wouldc- would have 3- If I eat peanut butter, I ________ sick- a- would have gottenb- would getc- get 4- What will you do if you ________ the history exam???? a- would failb- will failc- fail 5- If they had not _____ the car, I would have driven you- a- takeb- takenc- would take 6- If it snows, ________ still drive to the coast???? a- will youb- would youc- would you have 7- "He would have gone with you if you had asked him-" Which conditional is this???? a- firstb- secondc- third 8- "If I won a million dollars, I would buy my own airplane-" Which conditional is this???? a- zerob- firstc- second 9- "If I forget her birthday, Andrea gets upset-" Which conditional is this???? a- zerob- firstc- second 10- "What will she do if she misses the bus????" Which conditional is this???? a- firstb- secondc- third Ex-2 List as many subjects as you can from -A-Z- A Example: algebra,BCDEnglishFGHistoryIJKLMathsNOPQRScienceTUVWX-rayologyYZ Ex-3 Subject Knowledge Quiz:Write short answers for each subject question -please use articles with common noun answers-1- Science Quiza- Blood is filtered by which pair of organs????b- Which planet is the fifth from the sun???? c- Which chemical element is represented by the symbol N????2- Geography Quiza- What is the capital city of New Zealand????b- Name the two longest rivers in the world-c- Which ocean is to the east of Africa????3- Sports Quiza- What is longest running race in the Olympic Games called????b- In snooker, what is the colour of the last ball potted????c- In which sport can you throw a 'curve ball'????4- Music Quiza- How many instruments are there in a string quintet???? Ex-4 Listening ComprehensionClick on the attached link & watch the video:20????/????2:47Why Don't Kids Leave Home???? Write down 5 reasons why kids don't leave their parents' home-1-2-3-4-5- Ex-5 Writing AssignmentWriting guideline: -50 words for each question--Q-1 In your country do children stay or leave their parent home????Q-2 What are the reasons kids continue to live with their parents???? Please use the correct tenses, punctuation, article and preposition useCheck your work before you submit it- Unit - Sell and Tell/ What's Right Job for You Ex: 1 List as many Jobs as you can alphabetically Example: A-Accountant, B - C - E - D- F- G- H- I- J- K- L- M- N- O- P- Q- R- S- T- Uber driver Violinist Well digger X-Radiology Yoga Instructor Zoologist Ex-2 Highlight the correct answers1- We like ________ our grandmother on Sundays- a- to visit b- visiting c- to visit/visiting 2- I might want ________ some money soon- a- to borrow b- borrowing c- to borrow/borrowing 3- My father hates ________ a tie to work- a- to wear b- wearing c- to wear/wearing 4- We can't afford ________ a vacation this summer- a- to take b- taking c- to take/taking 5- The company was pleased ________ your thank-you letter- a- to receive b- receiving c- to receive/receiving 6- Would you mind ________ a window???? a- to open b- opening c- to open/opening 7- My suitcase is light enough ________ this time- a- to carry b- carrying c- to carry/carrying 8- She cannot leave the table without ________ her dinner- a- to finish b- finishing c- to finish/finishing 9- The music will continue ________ until you turn it off- a- to play b- playing c- to play/playing 10- My little brother dislikes ________ his hair brushed- a- to have b- having c- to have/ having Ex-3 Listening ComprehensionClick on the attached link watch the video, 5 interview questions to ask candidates Write down the 5 interview questions you heard- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- Ex-4 Writing AssignmentWriting guideline: Write -100-120 words only- a short e-mail and apply for your dream job- Tell a respective employer why they should hire you- Unit - Lucky Encounters/ Too Much Information Ex-1 Highlight the correct Articles1- Lisa saw _____ shooting star yesterday- a- ab- anc- the 2- Don't look directly at _____ sun- a- ab- anc- the 3- Is there any milk left in _____ fridge???? a- ab- anc- the 4- I need to pack _____ apple for my lunch- a- ab- anc- the 5- The dogs were _____ given a bone- a- eachb- anyc- every 6- The police spoke separately to _____ suspect- a- everyb- eachc- some 7- She was wearing a bracelet on __________ wrist- a- eachb- anyc- every 8- She got her license without _____ problems- a- someb- anyc- every 9- He went with __________ younger sisters- a- his bothb- both hisc- two his 10- I always keep _____ money in my wallet for emergencies- a- anyb- everyc- some Ex-2 Vocabulary Name the 10 computer parts in the boxN 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10- Ex-3 Reading Comprehension exercise and answer True/False belowWhat is the internet????The Internet is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard Internet protocol suite, a set of communications protocols, to serve billions of users worldwide- The internet has reshaped and redefined most traditional communications media including telephone, music, film, and television- This has given birth to new services- Newspaper, book and other print publishing are adapting to Web site technology or are reshaped into blogging and web feeds-The Internet has enabled or accelerated new forms of human interactions through instant messaging, Internet forums, and social networking- Online shopping has boomed both for major retail outlets and small artisans and traders- Business-to-business and financial services on the Internet affect supply chains across entire industries-The origins of the Internet reach back to research of the 1960s, commissioned by the United States government in collaboration with private commercial interests to build robust, fault-tolerant, and distributed computer networks- The commercialization of what was by the 1990s an international network resulted in its popularization and incorporation into virtually every aspect of modern human life- As of 2011, more than 2-1 billion people - nearly a third of Earth's population - use the services of the InternetComprehension:Highlight either True or False for the given statements1- The internet has completely dethroned traditional media- a- Trueb- False 2- The internet has had an impact on commerce- a- Trueb- False 3- The internet was first introduced in the 1990s- a- Trueb- False 4- More than a quarter of the Earth's population are internet users a- Trueb- False 5- As of 2011, more than 1-2 billion people use the services of the Internet- a- Trueb- False Ex-4 Listening Comprehension Click on the attached link & watch the video, Crazy Coincidences That Only Happen Once in A Lifetime Now write down 5 crazy coincidences you think are amazing-1-2-3-4-5- Ex-5 Writing Assignment Strange Coincidences caught on camera-The is a news item about a search for a robber, the suspect looks just like the news reporter, is this a coincidence???? Writing guideline: Write -100-120 words only- about a strange coincidence that you have heard about or has happened to you- Unit - Music Icons Ex-1 Highlight the correct answers1- He's still sleeping, ________ a- is not he???? b- isn't he???? c- wasn't he???? 2- You do go to school, ________ a- do you???? b- aren't you???? c- don't you???? 3- Let's go for a walk, ________ a- shall we???? b- shan't we???? c- will we???? 4- We won't be late, ________ a- won't we???? b- will we???? c- are we???? 5- Nobody called, ________ a- do they???? b- didn't they???? c- did they???? 6- They will wash the car, ________ a- will it???? b- won't they???? c- wouldn't they???? 7- We must lock the doors, ________ a- mustn't they???? b- shouldn't we???? c- mustn't we???? 8- I'm right, ________ a- amn't I???? b- am not I???? c- aren't I???? 9- So you bought a car, ________ a- did you???? b- haven't you???? c- weren't you???? 10- You wouldn't like to invite my Dad, ________ a- did you???? b- would you???? c- won't you???? Ex-2 Vocabulary exercise Continued Look at this picture of famous Aussie icons! Ex-2 Vocabulary exercise How many famous Aussie Icons can you recognise, Write down as many as you can find- 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- 6- 7- 8- 9- 10- Ex-3 Listening ComprehensionClick on the attached link & watch the video, Australia, Our Big Icons Write down 5 Big icons you heard 1- 2- 3- 4- 5- Ex-4 Writing AssignmentWriting guideline: -100-120 words only- Which Aussie Icon would you like to visit???? Write about your reasons why you would like to visit them???? Attachment:- Intermediate Unit Reviews-rar  

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