What is Intelligence Lead Policing and how important, if at

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part - Police Procedures Essay Details;This is an essay question- Choose one of the following two essay questions to answer- Please select any Australian Police service upon which to base your response- QUESTION 1; Public cooperation is a crucial factor in the detection of crime- Public cooperation however, may only be secured where the police have the confidence and trust of the citizens- When police officers observe human rights they gain the respect and above all the cooperation of the citizens- How does this promote democratic policing???? OR QUESTION 2; What is Intelligence Lead Policing and how important, if at all, is it in the daily operation of your chosen Australian Police Force as a way of realising efficient and effective use of Resources???? ESSAY PLAN Pick to question to answer Pick a Police Service to examine- Consider why are policing agencies concerned with either Human Rights, or Intelligence Lead Policing, ILP???? Ask how do human rights relate to democratic policing; what is it about the adherence of human rights that results in police legitimacy and democratic policing???? What lead to the rise of ILP, what does it allow modern agencies to become and how has that shift meant that resources are better utilised???? What do your essential and recommended readings say about either topic, review your unit content???? Research the website of your chosen agency review their Mission Statement, Corporate Plan/Annual Reports or policy to locate evidence of what part human rights or ILP plays in your chosen agency- What is the evidence of your chosen agency committing to either concept, is there money spent on technology for eg to improve ILP???? What does the Statement of Value or Ethics say about policing people in a democratic fashion by being accountable, transparent and ethical???? Does your chosen agency prioritise human rights policing as a fundamental that underpins all that we do in Anglo Peelian Model when practicing democratic policing???? If so what is the documentary evidence of that???? Does your chosen agency prioritise ILP as a fundamental that guides your chosen agency's daily operating strategy???? If so what are egs of ILP's impact upon what police do, how they do it, successes or otherwise and outcomes???? Attachment:- Police Procedures Essay-rar

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