What is a mathematically rich environment? How does a

Assignment Detail:- Part: Students complete a series of tasks related to their investigation of their mathematical content knowledge in relation to teaching mathematical concepts to pre-school children aged 2 to 5- Parts to investigate: 1- Creating a mathematically rich learning environment designed to encourage children to learn about math and gain a deeper understanding of concepts such as: Problem Solving, Language, One-to-One Correspondence, Number Sense, Shapes, Spatial Sense, Sets and Classifying- 2- Creating opportunities for problem solving during free play activities both indoors and outdoors- 3- Various kinds of group time activities to encourage concepts of numeracy including stories, music and games- Suggested structure: 1- What is a mathematically rich environment???? How does a teacher create a mathematically rich environment???? what are the elements to be included in the environment to capture and encourage the concepts of problem-solving, language, One-to-One correspondence, number sense, shapes, spatial sense, sets and classifying- -500 words-- 2- What is play-based learning???? what are the play-based activities -indoors and outdoors activities- that couldpromote problem-solving skills???? -500 words- 3- Describe a group activity???? what is the significance of group activities- What are the various kinds of group time activities a teacher can implement to encourage numeracy concepts, including stories, music and games???? What are the strategies thatcan encourage group time activities effectively -500 words-????

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