What information would you seek, review and act upon to

Assignment Detail:- SITXMGT002 Establish and conduct business relationships Assessment task 5: Case Study 2 Required documents and equipment:• Simulated Business Environment Hotel Complex and access to all the documents defined in Appendix 1&2 at the back of this tool -Assessor must ensure all the documents are available-• Assessment references and work from Research and negotiation in Assessment task 2 and 3• Appendix 4 -Agreement Contract template-• Current commercial policies, procedures and template documents use support the negotiation process:- preparatory facts and statistics- key performance indicators- market information Part 5A- Refer to the research you conducted in Assessment 2 and the negotiations you conducted in Assessment 3- Prepare two written contracts - one for each supplier/contractor- -Appendix 4-- Ensure the contract includes the key elements, components and inclusions to ensure it is legally binding-- Ensure you follow legal requirements that impact agreements in your sector, including consumer protection where applicable-- Decide whether you need any specialist advice to help you develop the contract- If you do, seek advice as required-- Submit the two completed contracts to your assessor- Part 5BRespond to all questions- Q1: According to organisational procedures provided in the case study in Assessment 3 who would you get to approve the contracts???? Q2: What information would you seek, review and act upon to maintain a sound business relationship with both suppliers- Q3: Describe how you would comply with agreed terms in the contracts- Q4: What KPIs would you take into account to check whether both parties are keeping up their ends of the bargain???? Q5: In what circumstances might you need to adjust an agreement???? Q6: If you had to adjust an agreement, who would you need to consult and share information with???? Q7: Describe how you plan to maintain regular contact with the suppliers-   Attachment:- Establish and conduct business relationships-rar  

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