What forms of domestic/family violence has David used

Assignment Detail:- Study the case study below and conduct arisk assessment as per the Adult Screening Tool- All professionals working with victim survivors should use the Screening and Identification Tool, either applied routinely when this is a part of your professional role or service, or when indicators of family violence are identified- Screening is not an activity that occurs only once by a single professional or within a service- In service settings where a person has multiple contacts, it is necessary to screen over time and at each contact to ensure any changes in the relationship or use of violence is identified- Adult Screening Tool In addition to the screening tool, students are required to submit an accompanying Word document -with an Assessment Cover Sheet-, responding to the following questions about the case study- Responses should be 750 words in total- -Please use references correctly when answering the questions below- Question 1: What forms of domestic/family violence has David used against Celina????Question 2: How has having no financial control affected Celina????Question 3: What might a community service worker in the domestic/family violence area want to consider when working with Celina to ensure that Celinaand also her mother are provided with safe, sensitive and effective support???? CASE STUDY Celina and David grew up in the same country of origin, however, at the time they met through an online dating website, David had been living in Australia for 7 years, and Celina was still living in her home country with her mother- Both Celina and David have been married previously, are professionally qualified and aged in their thirties- David has a primary-school age child who lives with his former wife and spends regular weekend and holiday time with David- After Celina and David married overseas, David promptly returned to Australia and Celina applied to Australian Immigration for a joint visa with David as the sponsor- When the visa was granted, Celina resigned from her professional employment and travelled to Australia to live with David- Attachment:- Adult Screening Tool-rar

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