What extent is this interview child-inclusive? To support

Assignment Detail:- Case study - Description This case study is about how workers respond to mothers and children in the context of domestic & family violence- You are asked to reflect on the practice of a worker in a video clip- Instruction: Please watch the following video entitled 'Helping mothers respond to their children', which shows a worker responding to a mother and her daughter living with family violence- After watching the video, submit answers to the following three questions: Question 1- To what extent is this interview child-inclusive???? To support your response, use examples of what the worker says or does and how the participants of the interview respond- -250 words- Question 2- Consider the strategies used by the worker to support the mother-child relationship in this interview- What are the strengths and weaknesses in the worker's practice, in relation to supporting and strengthening the mother-child relationship???? -250 words- Question 3- What tensions can arise when both a mother and a child are present in a DFV interview???? How can a worker respond to and manage these tensions???? -300 words- Please include 1-3 references per question to support your responses- Overall, we expect 3-9 references for this assignment- To help us turnaround your assessment items quickly, as well as maximising your chance of obtaining good scores, please consider the following: Include your full name, student number, and the subject title 'HLTH90007- Domestic and family violence, and assessment item -e-g- 'Case study 1'- at the top of the first page- Include the topic/question you are answering after your personal details- Use 12-point font size in an easily readable font type -eg Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman-- Number and label any tables / figures- Number all pages- Clearly differentiate new paragraphs -either by indenting first line or leaving a line between paragraphs-- Make sure headings/sub-headings are clearly differentiated from body of text- Ensure the reference list appears at end of document on a new page and contain only those references you have directly cited in the body of your text- Use the APA style Links to an external site- to format your references- Attachment:- children case study-rar

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