What does she mean by separation, in both theoretical and

Assignment Detail:- Question: Frye argues that feminism requires as one of its many features ‘an element of separation'- What does she mean by separation, in both theoretical and practical terms???? How does this differ from patriarchal sex-segregation -as described, for example, by Abu-Rabia-Queder-???? What about the women-only and women-led villages in Kenya: does this version of separatism empower women???? Or does it simply provide an escape from an oppressive culture without doing anything to change that culture???? Is something like the Jane collective to provide abortions a separatist endeavor???? Consider too the women from Kelly's crisis pregnancy centers or Mehta's the Army of Durga: are they practicing a form of separatism???? Explain- Finally, do all forms of identity politics necessitate some kind of separation???? If so, what does that mean for those with "compound identities" -Crenshaw- Article 1 - The activism of Bedouin women: Social and political resistance Sarab Abu-Rabia-Queder Article 2 - In the Name of the Mother: Renegotiating Conservative Women's Authority in the Crisis Pregnancy Center Movement by Authors: Kimberly Kelly  

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