What does empowerment mean for early childhood practitioner

Assignment Detail:- GROUP DISCUSSION Question 1 What does empowerment mean for early childhood practitioner practice???? Question 2 What relevance do critical theory and post-modernist/post-structuralist theory have to early childhood learning and teaching???? Question 3 Which theories or theoretical perspectives appeal to you the most and why do you think this is???? Question 4 Are the theories selected for this chapter largely teacher-centred or student-centred or both???? Why???? EXERCISES In pairs, select a theorist mentioned in this chapter to research further- Prepare questions and answers and present your information to the class as if you were the theorist -Partner A- and a television interviewer -Partner B-- Alternatively, research the theorist further and then get the class to ask you and your partner questions as if you were that theorist- Reflect afterwards in terms of the reliability or validity of your responses- In groups, based on some of the theoretical perspectives in this chapter, come up with a plan of action to assist the students listed below- Explain how different theories support your plan-- Angela is often late for class-- Liam procrastinates doing his work-- Tiisfin is very shy and doesn't have any friends to play with at recess-- Jo does not complete any tasks-

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