What do you consider the main aims of the SDG you have

Assignment Detail:- Assessment Part: ANALYTIC TASK In this assessment you will overview ONE of the Sustainable Development Goals from a global perspective - refer to point b- below- You will do this using the format of stand-alone, medium-length paragraphs that address FOUR topics: 1- What do you consider the main aims of the SDG you have chosen???? 2- What are the main features of the current crisis/es that this SDG is looking to address???? 3- How have groups in Australia addressed the current crisis/es, and how successful have they been???? 4- What can you personally and professionally do -now, and potentially in the future- to contribute to addressing this current crisis/es???? Further instructions: a- Refer to ONE reading from your course of study, i-e-, the degree program you are enrolled in at ACU, e-g-, Bachelor of Primary Education, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Business, etc- b- For your Sustainable Development Goal, choose ONE from these options: SDG 5 -Gender Equality- OR SDG 15 -Life on Land-- c- Refer to the third chapter of Laudato Si": "The Human Roots of the Ecological Crisis" -101-136-- Attachment:- Reference-rar

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