What basic commands are used to create a VLAN connection

Assignment Detail:- ICTNWK543 Install, operate and troubleshoot medium enterprise switches Assessment 1: Question 1: Identify each of the network switches in the attached table and explain the operations of each in 70-120 words- Question 2: What is a debug command, and how are they used???? Write your answer in 30-50 words- Provide three -3- examples of debug commands???? Question 3:A- What are Virtual Local Area Networks -VLANs- and why are they needed???? Write your answer in 50-100 words-B- What basic commands are used to create a VLAN connection???? Question 4: Explain the term Spanning Tree Protocol -STP- and its operation???? Write your answer in 250-300 words Question 5: A- What is switch calling line identification -CLI-???? Write your answer in 25-50 words-B- Write six -6- basic commands used for CLI- Question 6: What command is used to secure a network port by deactivating the port???? Question 7: Explain the term port security in cisco switches???? Write your answer in 40-70 words- Question 8: Explain the difference between dynamic locking and static locking of a managed cisco switch- Write your answer in 20-60 words for each- Question 9: Writethe commands required to configure port security in cisco switches- Question 10: Explain the term secure shell -SSH-- Write your answer in 50-100 words Question 11: List seven -7- advanced switching technologies used in today's environment Question 12: List seven -7- of the most common issues associated with network switches???? Question 13: List ten -10- types of networks that are commonly used- Explain each network in 40-90 wordsDefine Virtual Local area network -VLANs-???? Question 14: List eight -8- devices used to create different types of networks- Question 15: Complete the following table of network documentation???? The first one has been completed as an example- Question 16: What methods can you use to review an existing network design???? Write your answer in 100-150 words- Question 17: List five -5- elements needed to meet the technical requirements of a network- Question 18: Explain each of the following terms in 40-90 words for each- 1- Network segmentation2- Network Traffic management What basics utilities are used to confirm network operations???? Question 19:A- List the four -4- tasks included in initial switch configurations-B- Write the basic steps to perform the initial configurations- Question 20: List five -5- different types of each network component- a- Physical Media used for transmissionb- Network connectors Question 21: Explain the procedure of upgrading switch firmware through CLI Question 22: List five -5- various methods used to back up configuration files of network switch???? Write your answer in 25-50 words- Question 23: How can you configure trunk between two -2- switches???? Write your answer in 100-150 words- Provide an example to support your answer- Question 24: How can you create and verify the inter-Vlan route???? Write the steps and commands required to complete this- Question 25: What steps do you need to follow to configure Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol on a network switch???? Question 26: List the WHS/OHS Act, Regulation, Code and Regulator enforced in each state and territory of Australia- Question 27: List eight -8- basic utilities used to check network connectivity- Attachment:- Troubleshoot medium enterprise switches-rar

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