WHAT ARE YOU VERY GOOD AT DOING - Do you think you're a

Assignment Detail:- Unit - Failure & Success/Modern Manners Ex-1 Highlight the correct Reflective Pronouns1- _____ he understand what you were talking about???? a- Couldb- Cansc- Coulded 2- My sister _____ play tennis now- a- can tob- canc- will can 3- I _____ walk when I was less than a year old- a- canb- couldc- have can 4- -Polite- _____ you tell me what time it is, please???? a- Couldb- Canc- Will 5- My grandfather ________ walk without any help last night- a- canb- couldc- was able to6- I would like to ________ play the piano- a- canb- couldc- be able to 7- How long have you ________ drive???? a- canb- couldc- been able to 8- I'll ________ help you later- a- canb- couldc- be able to 9- Can you help me???? I ________ never understand this- a- canb- cannotc- am able to 10- Will people ________ live forever one day???? a- could beb- be able toc- could be able to Ex-2 Highlight the correct answers with the multiple-choice answers-Q1- This wet weather is so ------ -depressed / depressing -Q2- I will be very ----- if she does well in her test- -surprised / surprising -Q3- My new job is extremely ------ -tired / tiring -Q4- I come home extremely ----- at the end of each day- -tired / tiring -Q5- He's such a ------ person- He never wants to go out- -bored / boring -Q6- I'm ------ I have no idea what to do- -confused / confusing -Q7- Did you hear the ------ news about the accident???? -shocked / shocking -Q8- I'm not very ------ in sport- -interested / interesting -Q9- I didn't find his joke very ------ -amused / amusing -Q10- I am ------ of spiders- -frightened / frightening - Ex-3 Write an answer for each question Q1- Does wet weather depress you???? Why/why not????Q2- Do you do well in exams????Q3- Is your job extremely tiring???? Why/why not????Q4- Are you frightened of spiders????Q5- Do you think you're a boring person???? Why/why not???? Ex-4 Listening ComprehensionClick on the link attached & watch the video, Five Tips For Success Write down the 5 tips you hear-1-2-3-4-5- Ex- 5 Travel Writing assignment Writing guideline: -Write 100 words- WHAT ARE YOU VERY GOOD AT DOING???? Attachment:- Failure, Success and Modern Manners-rar

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