What are the two most severe environmental issues that

Assignment Detail:- Question 1- In your opinion, what are the two most severe environmental issues that Australia is facing now and how are these linked to climate change???? How can Australia tackle this issue???? Please provide appropriate references for your answer- Question 2- What are the main drawbacks of how EIA is conducted in NSW, Australia???? How is this different to what is happening in another state in Australia -State selection guide: SA -ID ending in 0-1-, VIC -ID ending in 2-3-, QLD -ID ending in 3-4-, WA -ID ending in 5-6-, TAS -ID ending in 7-9--???? Your answer should reflect your understanding of EIA in terms of legal and procedural details- Question 3- Consider a development activity -other than that is considered in the workshop- in a square kilometre area -pick any site using Google maps- within Australia- Clearly write your study goals, conduct screening level assessment, and indicate how you would set up a baseline for the site- Assess the social impacts of the development throughout all project phases- Also, describe how this is linked to public participation and where in EIA process would you address this and how- Question 4- Soft tools are very important in changing the behaviour of public- Design a strategy -especially one or more soft tools and associated modifications- to control the following behaviour depending on the digit your ID is ending- Your answer should include the soft tools and the research on strategies adopted in Australia and other countries of similar socioeconomic status to the country you are designing the strategy for- The strategy should not be stand-alone but include the associated modificationsneeded -can include hard or technical solutions-- For example, just increasing oil price to encourage public transport use is not sufficient, you need an efficient public transport too- ID ending in Design strategy based on soft tools for: 0 Using recycled water for drinking 1 Composting of household waste 2 Developing renewable energy technologies 3 Reducing use of plastic for packaging 4 Saving water at household level 5 Companies to reduce use of plastic for packaging 6 Companies to adopt 'closed-loop' manufacturing 7 Reducing the use of fossil fuels 8 Industry to reduce use of toxic substances in manufacturing 9 Using renewable energy 
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