What are the two key questions in business planning to

Assignment Detail:- SITHKOP002 Plan and cost basic menus - Certificate III in Commercial Cookery Question 1: Why should customer requirements be considered when determining appropriate menu styles and types of menus???? Question 2: What are the two key questions in business planning to establish your product and services???? Question 3: List 5 elements of detailed customer information that a business would find beneficial for establishing a customer profile???? Question 4: Provide an example of food preferences for each of the following ethnic groups???? Question 5: How did Escoffier's invention of the "partie system" affect the production and quality procedures in commercial kitchens???? Question 6: Many current trends in the hospitality industry centre on environmental impacts and freshness ofproduce- List 4 examples of how this affects purchasing and the nutritional and economic aspects in menu planning???? Question 8: What are the typical features of the following menus???? Question 9: What are the advantages of cycle menus???? Where would cycle menus ideally be used???? Question 10: What are the advantages of a table d'hôte menu???? What are the advantages if a combination oftable d'hôte menu and à la carte menu is used in an establishment???? Question 11: List 5 different types of menus which are traditionally used in larger establishments in the hospitality industry???? Question 12: What is the purpose of breakfast buffets???? What are the advantages of using a buffet set-up for breakfast???? Question 13: Which aspects should be considered when serving cocktail foods for a function???? What are the potential economic benefits of cocktail foods???? Question 14: Generating menu ideas must be a planned process- List 6 key aspects which must be considered???? Question 15: What is the aim of the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating???? Question 16: List 5 nutritional aspects which should be considered when planning menus for children and adolescents according to the Australian Guide to Healthy Eating include???? Question 17: List 6 aspects of the catering cycle you need to check once you design a menu to ensure continuous planning needs are met???? Question 18: Imagine these 5 dishes are served as a fixed menu- Place the dishes into correct order according to the 5 course menu sequence???? Question 19: Which details for the following aspects of dishes must be considered when planning and writing a menu???? Question 20: How can you ensure balance and consistency of individual dishes???? Which measures can help to achieve this???? Question 21: The cost of commodities varies- What actions does a chef need to take to maintain or maximise profits accordingly???? Question 22: What is a sales mix???? Why should this be analysed frequently???? Question 23: Which factors relating to supplies do you need to consider when planning a menu???? What is the role of suppliers to help ensure consistent supplies???? Question 24: List 6 impacts which must be considered when planning a menu to ensure profitability???? Question 25: List 6 aspects for waste minimisation and yield testing which must be considered when planning and costing menus???? Question 26: Which of the following are the correct formulae to calculate food cost, food cost percentage and sales price???? Question 27: What are the formulae to calculate the following details???? Question 28: The following examples for calculating the mark-up and calculation factor for a product are: Indicate true or false???? Question 29: When costing a menu, the overall food cost must take into account items with higher and lower food cost percentages- Provide an example of how is this achieved???? Question 30: Once all menu factors, costs and processes have been established, you will need to write andfinalise the actual menu- Describe 5 considerations when selecting resources, format, print, style and correct item descriptions???? Question 31: Once a menu has been implemented it is essential to review its success- List 5 options which could be used???? Question 32: Provide an example for each of the following feedback methods???? Question 33: Provide 3 examples of methods which can assist to improve food costs and yields when evaluating a menu???? Question 34: Provide 3 examples of methods which could be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a menu????

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