What are the likely future challenges for company based on

Assignment Detail:- Question: Make a presentation video explaining about CBA, Commonwealth Bank Company Background Prepare a brief description of the selected company, outlining the core activities, competitive advantages, the market in which it operates in and any factors in the company's history, which you consider helpful to present a "picture" of your chosen company- You may include the following contents, if required-What industry does your company belong to????What are its products/services????What are the locations of its operations???? Financial RatiosChoose at least 2 Financial Ratios that you deem applicable to your chosen company-You can choose from Liquidity Ratios, Profitability Ratios, Activity Turnover Ratios, Solvency Ratios, and Cash Efficiency Ratios-Calculate at least two -2- years of the same ratio-Present them in a table format, as shown in the example below, so that you can easily compare from year on year- Interpretation of Financial RatiosWhy did you choose this ratio????Why is it important to your chosen company????What does the ratio indicate????What actions can the company do to influence the ratio, i-e- improve the ratio if it is "bad" or maintain the ratio if it is "good"????Was there any additional relevant information in the notes to the Financial statements which is relevant???? ConclusionBriefly describe your group's conclusions about this company-Is the selected company performing well financially????What are the areas of concern and/or what are the highlights????What are the likely future challenges for this company based on the ratio analysis you have performed in your groups???? Attachment:- Presentation Generic Template-rar

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