What are the legal issues in this case study? What

Assignment Detail:- SPS201 Alcohol and Other Drugs - Stotts College Assessment: Case Study You are the case worker for a single mother -Mary- who has a 15yr old son -Toby-- Mary is struggling with alcohol addiction and states she often smokes marijuana when her son is at school- Mary has said that she hasn't worked since her son was born and had previously managed by doing odd jobs for friends and neighbours- However, Mary has said that now her son is older she would like to get a full-time job but is worried that she will not be successful due to her addiction- When ‘probing' further into Mary's addiction, you come to understand that she regularly has her first glass of wine with breakfast and states that without it she can't ‘think' straight- Mary said she found a half-smoked marijuana joint in her son's room when she was cleaning, and she is worried that he maybe experimenting with drugs- Mary states that she would like to be able to stop drinking and smoking marijuana but every time she has tried before it hasn't worked- This research assignment is in three parts Part 1 - Read the case study and outline the following issues-What are the legal issues in this case study???? What category/types of drugs are discussed???? Define mandated reporting requirementsWhat is the possible assessment and/or referral options???? Part 2 - ResearchApply critical thinking and judgement in identifying an appropriate AOD program and rehabilitation suitable for Mary's needs- For example, would Mary benefit from a full-time rehabilitation program or a part time rehabilitation program and why???? Part 3 - Critical ReflectionYou have taken Mary's case to your supervisor and your supervisor has asked you to spend time reflecting on your decisions and consider what worked well and what other options were available to you- Your supervisor has also requested you to consider your professional responsibility and accountability and asked you to put this into a mini report-You must use APA 7 referencing- Your report should include at least 5 -scholarly- journal articles read, in addition to any textbook references- The format and content of your report will be discussed in greater detail during tutorials- Attachment:- Alcohol and Other Drugs-rar  

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