What are the key risks, opportunities and threats that have

Assignment Detail:- GSB015 Corporate Strategy and Responsibility - Australian Institute of Management Education and Training Learning Outcome 1: Formulate, implement, monitor and evaluate corporate strategy and distinguish corporate strategy from business strategy utilising recent academic research and contemporary events Learning Outcome 2: Display the necessary leadership behaviours, decision making and risk management knowledge to be effective as an executive leader responsible for corporate strategy Learning Outcome 3: Influence the construction of their organisation's strategic plan from a strategic positioning point of view so that it takes account of both the external environment and internal factors Learning Outcome 4: Articulate and evaluate a range of strategic choices to their organisation with respect to strategy design and execution Learning Outcome 5: Communicate the importance of corporate social responsibility, governance, risk and ethics in strategy formulation, development and execution Learning Outcome 6: Demonstrate a high order of skill in analysis, critical reflection and evaluation and professional application Learning Outcome 7: Demonstrate creativity and flexibility in the application of knowledge and skills to new situations, to resolve problems and to think rigorously and independently Strategic Issues and CEO Leadership Briefing Paper Part descriptionDrawing from the insights gained in the previous assessment task, students are required to identify strategic issues that have the potential to significantly impact their organisation over the next five -5- to ten -10- years- The identified issues must draw on industry reports from the IBIS world database available on the AIM Business School library as well as other relevant sources- Students are required to analyse these issues from the perspective of their organisation's CEO and prepare a Briefing Paper- What are the key risks, opportunities and threats that have or may emerge from the identified issues???? Students are then required to write a reflective briefing paper for the board on why they are the best person to lead their organisation as the CEO for the next five -5- years- As a starting point, students should draw on the Professional Development Plan -PDP- they wrote as Assessment Part 2 in the Leading, Managing and Developing People -LMDP- unit- If you haven't undertaken LMDP at ABS but have recognition of prior learning -RPL- for an equivalent course at another institution, you may have access to a similar document- Alternatively, please access your annual performance appraisal or similar document you may have written that identifies your personal goals-The PDP -or equivalent- provides the foundation for reflecting on what they've learned as future executive leaders as well as what additional development opportunities they need to address- Any additional insights gained during the unit from reading materials and self- assessments should also be referenced in the Assessment Part- Part 1 - Strategic Issue Analysis - 2500 words a- Include a minimum of 4 suitable academic journal articles in Part 1 of your assignment- You can search the AIM Library database, or use some of the ones provided in the Additional Resources section under each topic in my ABS- Besides the IBIS world database available, you may also have to research other online industry related articles to support your research- b- Part 1 must not exceed 2,500 words- Part 2 - CEO Leadership Paper - 1000 words a- Include a minimum of 2 suitable academic journal articles in Part 2 of your assignment- You can search the AIM Library database, or use some of the ones provided in the Additional resources section under each topic in my ABS-b- Part 2 must not exceed 1,000 words- 2- Appendices and tables may be used to clarify and support your arguments but should not be used to circumvent the word count limit- Please use appendices sparingly-

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