What are the key characteristics of an entrepreneur?

Assignment Detail:- Assessment - Essay The purpose of this assessment is to assess students' understanding of entrepreneurship theory and practice Innovation and entrepreneurship Description Students need to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurial characteristics - what are the key characteristics of an entrepreneur???? Examples need to be provided to strengthen the arguments- Students need to provide justifications of their statements through the use of relevant references- Further detail regarding this assessment will be provided on Blackboard and in the workshops- I have had a number of students ask about the aspect from the Marking Criteria for Assessment 1 that says "Outline and discuss two models to describe and elaborate characteristics of entrepreneurs"- The assignment asks you to demonstrate knowledge and understanding of entrepreneurial characteristics- You can use any two models your research shows are appropriate- A number of models are given in Chapter 2 of the text and in Week 2 power point slides there are a number of different models presented -slides 18, 21, 23, 24, 27-- In your research you may find two better models, it is up to you to do the research, but these from the text/slides would be a good place to start in selecting two models- Then discuss the different things each model looks at in terms of characteristics of entrepreneurs- Discuss what they tell us about entrepreneurial characteristics- Remember this is only one part -3 marks- of what is required - ensure you satisfy all requirements-
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