What are the impacts of lung cancer on adult male and

Assignment Detail:- PUBH6008 Capstone A Applied Research Project in Public Health Assessment: Literature review Learning Outcome 1: Integrate and apply their knowledge and skills in public health Learning Outcome 2: Develop research skills and apply these to a public health issue Learning Outcome 3: Conduct a small literature review which critically analyses key issues on a public health research topic Learning Outcome 4: Define and justify a research question, based on the literature/public health issue, and outline its significance Instructions: By the end of module 3, student must provide to their learning facilitator a brief review of the literature on their chosen topic- The literature review must contain key references/theorists/researchers for the public health topic chosen- The literature review assignment must be designed to address the following questions: • Who are the key theorists/researchers in your public health topic????• What are the key issues????• What are the gaps in the existing body of knowledge???? The literature review should provide a basis for justifying a clear research question or hypothesis to be explored further- You must also indicate the search strategy used for your literature review- For example, what were the key words you searched for, and which key databases or other sources did you use to conduct your literature review???? -e-g- CINAHL, Proquest Public Health, Informit, Medline, Google Scholar-- • Critical and comprehensive review of the literature Clarity of research question/hypothesis General assessment criteria:o Provides a lucid introductiono Shows a sophisticated understanding of the key issueso Shows ability to interpret relevant information and literature in relation to chosen topico Demonstrates a capacity to explain and apply relevant concepts o Shows evidence of reading beyond the required readingso Justifies any conclusions reached with well-formed arguments and not merely assertionso Provides a conclusion or summary o Correctly uses academic writing, presentation and grammar:• Complies with academic standards of legibility, referencing and bibliographical details -including reference list-• Writes clearly, with accurate spelling and grammar as well as proper sentence and paragraph construction• Uses appropriate APA style for citing and referencing research Project Title: Impact of lung cancer on adult male and female and its prevention Question: What are the impacts of lung cancer on adult male and female in general and what intervention can be used to prevent lung cancer???? Aims1- To promote intervention of lungcancer that aid in increasing early detection and reducing causes among adult male and female-2- To promote and facilitate health promotion among adult male and female with lungcancer- Attachment:- Research project in public health-rar

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