What are the factors that are impacting deviation form an

Assignment Detail:- BSBFIM801 Manage financial resources PART A - Short answer questions: Question 1- Why do organisations expect their managers to act with integrity in financial dealings at all times???? Express your view on this with reference to‘financial probity and ethics'- Question 2- Unsatisfactory performance results failure in reaching and achieving the goal of a business organizations- Identify five corrective actions that management need to take to ensure the situation is rectified- Question 3- Explain why financial records for previous years could be important to keep in business organization- Identify what are the basic financial records that the Corporations Act 2001 may require a company to maintain???? Question 4- The Privacy Act 1988-Clth- deals with the responsibility that organizations have in relation to the security and confidentiality of customer's personal information- Describe the privacy principles that need to be followed by private sector organizations- Question 5- Maintaining an audit trail will often help to identify discrepancies in the system- Identify key reasons behind the discrepancies between agreed and actual allocations of funds and resources- Question 6- An organisation analyse the performance reports in order to take corrective action when required- Identify various methods used by an organisation for analysing reports with examples- Question 7- List the various statutory functions of the Australian Securities and Investments Commission Act 2001- Question 8- What procedure should you recommend reviewing financial risk management activities of the place where you work- Question 9- What are the factors that are impacting deviation form an organizational budget???? What adverse effects are happening for these budget deviations???? Question 10- What are the steps in developing action plans to remedy significant deviations from budget objectives and projections- Part B- Calculation 1-ABC Corporation has sales for the period of $3500,000 with a cost of goods sold of $900,000 and administration costs of $400,000-The depreciation charge is $400,000 and the interest paid is $500,000-Calculate:a- Cash Flowb- Gross Profitc- Net Profitd- Operating Profite- Profitability Ratios 2- After completion of a meeting with each of the department managers for Roberto and sons, the below various results about the 2018 were extracted: Financial PlanningFees are earned from 1450 clients paying on average,$750 per annumDepartment manager is paid a $141720 wage that is charged directly to the department-Each of the three client liaison officers are paid $77450 per annum Business AcquisitionFees earned from 20 acquisitions paying on average $ 42000 per acquisition-Department manager is paid a $145000 wage that is charged directly to the department-The business brokers are paid 20% commission on fees earned- Book Keeping ServicesFees earned from 359 clients paying on an average$200 per months-Department manager is paid a $141720 wage that is charged directly to the department-Direct wages for the department is made up of the business brokers being paid 25% commission on fees earned- Required: Calculate the Departmental Revenue and Profit- S- No Particulars Amount Details $ Total Amount $ 1 Financial Planning       Revenue       Less: Expenses                                       Profit             2 Business Acquisition       Revenue       Less: Expenses                                       Profit             3 Book Keeping Services       Revenue       Less: Expenses                                       Profit       Total Profit       Total  Revenue     3- Below is the extract of financial information from ABC Manufacturing Pty Ltd for the year 2018- Cash balance, end of 2017 42250 Cash Received from customers 220500 Cash received as Interest 6300 Cash Paid as Income Tax 11550 Cash Paid to employees 157500 Cash Paid to Suppliers 50000 Cash Received from sale of land 168000 Cash paid to purchase equipment 94500 Cash received from sale of furniture 150000 Cash paid for Purchase of Machinery 210000 Cash received from issue of Bond 31500 Dividend paid 16800 Cash paid to acquire treasury stocks 10500 Cash balance, beginning of 2018 16800 Required: Prepare Cash Flow Statement for ABC Manufacturing Pty Ltd using the Direct Method- S- No Cash Flow Statement Direct method     Particulars Amount Details $ Total Amount $ 1 Cash Flow from Operating Activities                                       Net Cash Inflow from Operating Activities             2 Cash Flow from Investing Activities                                       Net Cash Inflow from Investing Activities             3 Cash Flow from Financing Activities                                       Net Cash Inflow from Financing Activities               Net Changes in Cash Flow       Add: Cash balance, beginning of 2017       Cash balance, end of 2018     Attachment:- Manage_financial_resources-rar
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